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  1. they're not mutually exclusive, I think you've misunderstood
  2. Not really sure how this could possibly be relevant
  3. "That effort you just put in for no return isn't good enough, go spend several more hours of your life on it" Way to be ungrateful
  4. not sure you said 'insane gainz' enough times tbh
  5. And also what is the point of that screenshot?
  6. If you assume everyone has no bonus xp and will not gain it, you overestimate the time of players with bonus xp even more than otherwise. So actually assuming everyone has none and will get enough for 200m in each skill brings their time closer to their real time to max. Think about it.
  7. Fair warning about Roger Al, he's only going to be at 100m-ish farming xp when he maxes every other skill. Edit: here are the xp rates I use in my calculator. I'm sure a lot of them are outdated so please leave feedback. Also it looks like I hacked together a solution for curly roots. It seems pretty accurate but it made everything a little messy. I'll have to make a newer, cleaner version at some point. skill xp rate daily xp rate daily xp attack 440000 0 0 defense 600000 0 0 strength 440000 0 0 ranged 400000 0 0 prayer 1100000 0 0 magic 600000 0 0 cooking 804000 0 0 woodcutting 170000 240000 40000 fletching 700000 0 0 fishing 140000 0 0 firemaking 350000 2418461.5 1310000 crafting 700000 0 0 mining 110000 1400000 363862.5 smithing 246000 1400000 363863.5 herblore 740000 1400000 363864.5 agility 200000000 0 0 thieving 300000 0 0 slayer 130000 0 0 farming 64000 1400000 363864.5 runecrafting 130000 0 0 hunter 350000 0 0 construction 850000 1400000 363864.5 summoning 5000000 0 0 dungeoneering 600000 2400000 200000 divination 95000 0 0 unless something changed since I did con in august last year, it's at least 880k xp/h without any bonuses not that it'll actually affect times much at all
  8. So Forsberg finally hit a 3b year after being annoyingly close for ages
  9. What's with Forsberg's sudden mining gains?
  10. You don't have to be in the top 50 to be able to comment on who you think can get 200m all. If you didn't this thread wouldn't exist. This is a bad argument/zinger/whatever to make.
  11. Perhaps he just doesn't want to only have farming left to do so he's leaving some agility to actually train I dunno though
  12. probably so you can once again make a post that is in no way about you or tmoa about you or tmoa maybe OT: Forsberg is now on a 2.8b year
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