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  1. I don't think my stats are good enough for Inferno yet but I got 70 slayer from my first Jad task. No pet though :(
  2. Another rare but useless drop. This was also my very first superior slayer monster... yay?
  3. Jagex, when I say that I want some dragon drops from my steel dragon task, I don't mean this! :angry:
  4. I decided to kill pyrefiends to get 85 combat for Dream Mentor and I'm glad I did. Armadyl book completed :)
  5. These skills were much faster than I thought (crafting ~30k/hr, mining ~45k/hr) but I realized that I need Dream Mentor for humidify spell (useful for making teletabs) and I need 2 more combat levels for it :/
  6. Even if I was online, I'd have to make a hunter potion and impling jar before catching it so it would probably despawn or get caught before that. I may get 93 hunter in the future so I can catch them barehanded :)
  7. There are so many bots that it took me a year to find an empty spot :rolleyes: 1500 total! 3 mining + 1 crafting level till Lunar Diplomacy
  8. Well it took a little longer than I expected but there it is, level 80 hunter :o Puro-Puro was really awful (were there always so many bots and noobs?) and I only found one dragon impling in about 3-4 hours. Gnome Stronghold, on the other hand... Took me about 15 minutes of world hopping to find my first impling there and it turned out to be enough :D I already mounted one glory in my house and alched the extra one that I don't need. Next I'll get rid of the chinchompas (the prayer pots that I got from ninja implings will help) and then I'll get the crafting & mining reqs for Lunar Diplomacy.
  9. Some gains. Still a long way to go until glories, but at least I'm done with Pest Control now (until I can get elite void). I'll probably use my chinchompas there though because it's safer than Ape Atoll.
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