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  1. I don't think my stats are good enough for Inferno yet but I got 70 slayer from my first Jad task. No pet though :(
  2. Another rare but useless drop. This was also my very first superior slayer monster... yay?
  3. Jagex, when I say that I want some dragon drops from my steel dragon task, I don't mean this! :angry:
  4. I decided to kill pyrefiends to get 85 combat for Dream Mentor and I'm glad I did. Armadyl book completed :)
  5. These skills were much faster than I thought (crafting ~30k/hr, mining ~45k/hr) but I realized that I need Dream Mentor for humidify spell (useful for making teletabs) and I need 2 more combat levels for it :/
  6. Even if I was online, I'd have to make a hunter potion and impling jar before catching it so it would probably despawn or get caught before that. I may get 93 hunter in the future so I can catch them barehanded :)
  7. There are so many bots that it took me a year to find an empty spot :rolleyes: 1500 total! 3 mining + 1 crafting level till Lunar Diplomacy
  8. Well it took a little longer than I expected but there it is, level 80 hunter :o Puro-Puro was really awful (were there always so many bots and noobs?) and I only found one dragon impling in about 3-4 hours. Gnome Stronghold, on the other hand... Took me about 15 minutes of world hopping to find my first impling there and it turned out to be enough :D I already mounted one glory in my house and alched the extra one that I don't need. Next I'll get rid of the chinchompas (the prayer pots that I got from ninja implings will help) and then I'll get the crafting & mining reqs for Lunar Diplomacy.
  9. Some gains. Still a long way to go until glories, but at least I'm done with Pest Control now (until I can get elite void). I'll probably use my chinchompas there though because it's safer than Ape Atoll.
  10. Got the void mage helm. One more to go! I decided to try killing Zulrah. I actually got two kills (first one with mage only, second with mage+range) though it's very inefficient even if I didn't die so much. I don't think Zulrah is worth it on ultimate ironman without a trident which requires 87 slayer to get. I can't even use most of the drops yet. Oh well, it was still fun to try :P
  11. I can now make all kinds of tabs (including house tele / bones to peaches) and store medium clue rewards (such as ranger boots) as well as all 3 void helms in the costume room. Time to train something else!
  12. Missed the picture but got 72 fletching. I'm trying to make lots of money (6-7m at least) for construction, smithing and other stuff.
  13. Amazing drops! <_< I did 18 kills today and the best drop was 19 steel bars -_- I'll probably continue on Wednesday.
  14. Rex killing tomorrow! I also got 57-60 defence today but I didn't feel like camping iron dragons for dragon legs so I'll have to use rune :/
  15. I don't need this amulet for anything :( Trimmed glory would be nice though... Warriors' guild unlocked! I'm not going to get any defenders yet but the food shop is really awesome. Tomorrow I'll do Regicide and then I'll go camp Rex :o
  16. Recently there was an update which allows you to have multiple incomplete books so I can actually use this page. Too bad I've probably already dropped a full set of sara pages -.- I also have three armadyl pages in my looting bag so I hope I'll get the last one soon.
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