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  1. Since I quit RuneScape, I've made some changes. Im in the 2nd8 for rowing, which is the 2nd best crew out of around 15. My school work has improved a bit, but i couldn't really improve that anyway, so its not a major factor. My social life is forever expanding, so again no difference. And runescape never stopped me partying, so i guess nothing changed. I just dont spend time on this boring game. It's really just now have free time, that wouldnt really have been productively, with or without RuneScape.
  2. fr33 bump from me. Gratz on 52 agility,chubby. Your doing great!
  3. Omfg 89 slayer! When did you get it? Why wasn't I invited for the pic? Gratz on the 10M cash mark, I just broke 2M lol. Cya ingame soon.
  4. Good Luck on your goals Celt! I now make myself post on every blog I look at, starting with yours :)! Nice capes,bank and attitude towards the game. Hope to bump into you sometime. Chubby
  5. Good Luck th3. Naice prayer lvl aswell. Still think you have rs vids.... :oops:
  6. Good Luck with your goals, and I can't wait to see some pictures *hint hint* when they fix the loot share system. Great Job. Check out my blog if you have time =)
  7. Who is that massive noob in your crafting pictures? Good Luck on 40 herby, and 40 summoning - you will need it, I swear that skill takes like 30 years to level up. I'll be at the agility arena, if your up for training with me...I need 150 tickets :shock: I'll see you ingame tonight! (Work is so boring )
  8. Good Luck Venq! Enjoying Summoning? It boosted me to 90 combat -.-, so I have 1382 total at 90, instead of 1400. But that wolpertinger looked pretty cool. Good Luck however you decide to approach it... :)
  9. A few years back they made these really cool korn dolls, that were just hardcore teddies. They then took them away and released some rubbish ones.
  10. Free Bump while your away shey. I hope to see you on blogscape soon-ish, we need a role model again. The maturity level has plummeted recently
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