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  1. Thanks all for the great responces so far :) Both rewards from Dungeoneering :) And yes, they are F2P :D
  2. Oops, yes :P I changed it now. Thanks :D
  3. Hello Tip.it! In this thread we're going to look at how magic has changed on f2p servers over the years by looking at outfits. This is going back to the very first outfit I used to the latest changes Dungeoneering made to it. I hope some of you find it interesting, because i've spend a 40k Dungeoneering tokens on the Gravite Staff! :P This is the very first outfit that I can remember. After going naked for a while this must have been a huge improvement ;) The blue skirt doesn't give any advantage, it just looks good together with the rest. It was also possible to use the black outfit, however the black hat gave 1 magic bonus less and was therefor less used. I think about 4.5-5 years ago people figured out the monk robe added some prayer bonus without taking any other bonus away. 4-4.5 years ago also the Def Mage was born. The above images are samples of what was most used before the mini-game Fist of Guthix was introduced. The good old wildy period :) Since Fist of Guthix came out a lot has changed. Free to play gained access to the Combat and Druidic set, of which the Druidic set is shown above. Combat robes has the ability to spare some of your runes while Druidic makes the chance on succesfully binding someone grow. During wars most people prefer Druidic these days, because saving money isn't going to make you win a war. On the other side you see the Runecrafter robe, which was introduced with the Great Orb Project mini-game. Some players prefer this set as it doesn't degrade. Both images include the air talisman staff. Reason that I wear this in both images isn't because it's the best staff there is, but definitly a good option :) This includes the latest changes made to the Magic outfit. Dugeoneering added some new mage items to the game. The necklace adds some more magic bonus + a bonus to your magic damage, definitly a good choice these days for mages. The Tome of frost gives you some more magic defence + unlimited water runes, useful while binding. The Gravite staff costs a lot, but does add a bonus to your magic damage, I would suggest to use this only for clan wars. As you can see a lot has changed over the years, even for us F2Pers. I hope you enjoyed reading this thread. Kind regards, Naruto 1001
  4. After the message I made yesterday about adding Maple trees to the free game I felt like making a suggestion thread about this and I'm looking for support. Quick find code: 185-186-322-60981130
  5. The current RuneScape is too much based on letting F2P gather resources for P2P and let P2P dump their trash products in ge to be bought by F2Pers in my opinion, I don't care if you disagree ;) Personally I would like to see a part of Fletching to be released for F2Pers. I think F2P deserves to make bows up to Maple and arrows up to adamantite, so they can make them for themselves. I also think F2P should have Maple trees, they are sort of missing when training Woodcutting in the early days. For Crafting it would be nice if F2P could make Green D'hide armour, we can wear it so we should be able to make it. I also would like F2P to be able to have 200 friends, why is this still a members feature? We're friendly people too with lots of friends :P Other than that I don't see much stuff F2P would need atm.
  6. The rocks around the path and near the tents glow :S
  7. If you could become level 150 your only fooling yourself. Look at the last few posts made in this topic: maybe they could introduce new bosses! Ya and some new armour! Ya and then? Your killing this new boss for this new armour as fast as your killing the current bosses for the current armour but you have to train 100 times as hard to get that high.
  8. Thats not possible, yet. Currently with the limit of 200M xp in each skill you could gain level 126, this will be around 188M.
  9. Hey, Creating a new level (100) won't change that much. Max F2P combat will be 127/128 and max member combat 139/140. That's not that much of a difference. I don't see much of a difference in most of the other skills either, except for Smithing, finally we won't be able to make four new items at 99 but get plates placed to 100 instead, atleast that's what I think they would do. Fishing/Mining/Woodcutting, it will all go a bit faster but that won't even be noticed. Kind regards, Naruto 1001
  10. I think it will be used for the new Clan System which is probably comming soon, they got to put it somewhere... :)
  11. How often has this happened? (I can only think of Mobilizing Armies) Anyone remember Wilderness Tag? : Along with the Boar... As a pure F2Per I've been waiting a month for the Skill Capes to come out as they were promised, they didn't gave us them that month and I got even more excited the month after, then they turned out to be P2P :o
  12. Yea I was waiting for a Valentine's Day mini event, maybe Andrew got dumped the day before and took it out of the planning rofl :lol: Would be nice if we got something near summer, but don't know what you could put there.
  13. Your the best, we would never take you off the list :o lolled irl about Verie__Bad, welk grappenmaker niveau ben jij, 99? :D
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