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  1. Hey guys, long time no see. I'll get straight into it... I am apart of a Djing duo in Sydney called "Guys with Feelings", and my mate has entered our promo mix in a competition on Mydjspace.com, which is sponsored by Pioneer Pro DJ. The competition, involves obtaining votes to be apart of the top ten voted mixes, which then go into the finals to be judged. The mix that is voted number one scores not only a full Pioneer Pro dj equipment package, but also a one year ambassadorship with Pioneer - which gives us the opportunity to play not only in clubs all over Sydney and Australia, but Japan too. This prize means the world to both of us, as the equipment package alone would give us the opportunity to practice more and improve our skills dramatically, since we don't own the equipment ourselves. This prize would essentially remove the need for two poor uni students such as ourselves to save up 5k+ and buy it ourselves and give us the opportunity to hone our skills now, rather than in 3 years time when we finally have enough money :P . Not only that, the ambassadorship with Pioneer would give us a mountain of networking that we could only dream of, and a huge amount of live experience to go with it. Over the last few weeks of the competition we have managed to gather a staggering amount of support from friends and fellow dj's etc, tallying up to around 138 votes. But apparently we don't have enough friends to get a place in the finals :cry: as the closing date for votes closes on the 1st of September, and we have slipped from second place all the way down to ninth! ...Now here's where the shameless self promotion really kicks in! I'd love it if you would all take a small portion of your day to have a listen to our mix entered, and if you like what you hear (or if you just feel sorry for me) vote for it, and I shall be forever greatful! Here are the details on how to listen and vote: 1. Go to the following link http://www.mydjspace.com/JOIN-NOW/Creat ... count.html and fill in your details. (Not they will NOT spam you, its all legit) 2. Now LOGIN, under the "User Plugin" top right of the screen. 3. Once you have created an acccount, go to the following link. http://www.mydjspace.com/apek/ and check out my mix! about halfway down the page under my "Apek" banner. 4. Now click on the picture that says "Pioneer Pro Dj Entry VOTE FOR ME" I know this seems like a bit of a hassle for someone you hardly know, but consider it your good deed for the day :lol: TL;DR?= Vote for me in a competition, and I shall love you forever and ever.
  2. Ableton and Logic are the two programs I have (limited) experience with. They are both great, although pricey. If he's really serious about edm production I'd suggest some sort of college course. A mate of mine is a few months into his and he's learned so much already, and has improved his ability tonnes. Plus through the course he gets all the production goodies like logic/reason etc for a very cheap price, so that's always a bonus. But then again, a lot of these types of courses are bogus so you might want to be careful. Being the digital age and all, it's probably hard to make a decent living off music production, and for most people it's a hobby that brings in some cash along side their fulltime career. What style is he into?
  3. justin_m23

    Newborn Calves

    I have no idea why, but for some reason I thought the title meant this thread was going to be about Baby legs. :wall:
  4. justin_m23


    I like the genre, but that is probably the truest thing I've ever seen...EVER.
  5. Congrats. I assume bowling is a passion of yours? There's nothing better than succeeding in your chosen hobby, well done!
  6. When people misspel "the" I hope your joking :lol: EDIT: oh, and to add to the topic in a cynical fashion: people.
  7. This might sound dumb, but all my problems seemed to disappear for a moment after I realised what that photograph was. Perspective is a powerful thing.
  8. justin_m23


    I had the same problem. I wasn't exactly nerves before hand, its just the adrenaline took over as I began and tore my performance apart. I just take deep breaths as I play, which seems to suppress the rush a little. Also, closing my eyes helped heaps. It meant I could block everything else, but also made me look like I was really into it. :P
  9. The crookers remix of it is sooo much better. Same fun lyrics, combined with a funky electro beat to dance to. Perfecto! Although I'm kind of getting sick of it since it's hammered and every club, such a shame. :( Also, all the hardstyle classics are the best thing to dance to drunk. Showtek anyone?
  10. I forgot about the history behind Australia day. It's just a time to celebrate the present, i think.
  11. Damn, why would you steal my thoughts? Maturity is a loose term that I don't think can ever be properly defined. But I guess I hope I'm always immature in some ways. I'd hate to live life without the immature, ridiculous sense of humor I have now. @Pryomancer: I'd always felt the same rule, no talking in the mens room. But since I've turned 18, I've met so many blokes at pubs and clubs while pissing. It's kind of weird, and I thought it wouldn't happen. But apparently, its OK. :P
  12. Happens all the time with me. Although I find it easier to talk to strangers. The silence is actually awkward and people expect you to fill it with pointless small talk, which is easy. I also have long silences in the car with people I've known for years. These are ok, because we are comfortable enough with each other and we don't care about the small talk. Actually, I came home tonight, and on the way I dropped a bloke off that lives behind me. Now we aren't friends, but we are friendly towards each other and such. And I was wondering if there was going to be an awkward silence, just like you're talking about. But we ended up talking for ages, and it all started with one simple question from me; "So what are you doing with yourself now?". Open, easy cliche questions are good. Also, good question :lol: Nice to see something different in this thread.
  13. I do exactly what you do, Warri0r. Although The pattern isn't quite consistent...
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