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  1. Depends... do you have kids? Do you know how hard it is to say no sometimes? Comes down to the type of person you are too. I spoil my 3 year old rotten. I don't mean to do it on purpose it just kind of happens. I hadn't bought myself new clothes in like 3 years because I would rather spend the money on him. When I go out to the mall I have no intention on buying him anything.... and then he usually comes out with something like a strawberry milk and some new clothes or a toy :/ Maybe I just need to be more self disciplined? Maybe it has something to do with your up bringing? I have no idea. My parents missed out on a lot of things because they literally gave us everything we ever wanted. I agree with you though, I'm just saying I have poor self control when it comes to that and so do my other parent friends lol @transcript80 - the bank name is in the quote lol don't rely on it 100% though because that's the figure my brother gave me but I know it's not far off.
  2. IGoddessI


    Had a nice cocktail that my fiance' made me.... cointreau shot, add ice cubes, soda or sparkling mineral water and squeeze lime juice in it. Taste like an alcoholic lime solo :thumbup: Drove to the rainforest where we'll be having our wedding and it looks absolutely gorgeous. we booked the place in winter time so now it has all blossomed and can hear all the birds of nature, the creek is flowing beautifully. Now I am listening to the "gruffalo" before dinner is ready and put my son to bed (he has been a handful today).
  3. There's nothing wrong with the advice I've given, almost all of it would apply world wide. I was only a hospitality manager at the time and a uni student. I understand that is unheard of in other countries but that is pretty much a standard wage for that age $15-$20 here in Australia unless it's a trade or the job is commission based. The bits and pieces about housing and saving isn't advice, just merely what I plan to do with my life and any other fellow Australians could benefit from that. My completely practical advice mentions food, clothing, paying utilities ect
  4. Save for it then you don't have debt. Never been in debt in my life :) Wages are higher here than most countries.... for example.... my American friend worked 50 hours a week for $8 something an hour. I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning for that, I was only 19 and earning $18.90 an hour. So it's a lot easier to save, plus if you have a child you get rent assistance from the government and family allowance which is like an extra $210 a fortnight. When both people are working (ie husband and wife) you won't really notice the mortgage repayments as they're only about $200 a week more than renting.
  5. IGoddessI


    It's disrespectful to post things like that... but it could have been a hundred times worse lol Yup I'm at court tomorrow.... dohhhhh! :wall:
  6. IGoddessI


    Still waiting for my solicitor to settle things out of court.... not looking good at the moment there's only 1 1/2 hours until they close for the day. If I don't sign off it means I have to go through court tomorrow which will be a long, boring process. A waste of 3 or 4 hours when I have so much to do tomorrow (basically agreeing to continue the court order for my ex and I's son). Also have to do wedding rehearsal with my wedding celebrant tonight... wont be done until about 10pm errrgh
  7. Just to add to my last post I found some pictures so you can see what the housing market is like here. Cheap as chips compared to other countries. I just blacked out the property numbers and addresses because it is local.
  8. Thanks \:D/ This is my little boy trying on his suit for the wedding on Friday...Don't mind the huge tag we were just making sure it fits before cutting it off! R and I having milk mustache competitions This is one from a professional shoot we got done
  9. IGoddessI


    Grats H2PM!! You did a thumbs up so I guess she must be a nice lady :grin:
  10. Can someone please tell me how to post pictures now since tip it has changed (I haven't been around for a while) I have tried uploading them to imageshack and posting the link in the picture icon but it doesn't work so I don't know what to do now
  11. IGoddessI


    I'm not sure about the full story of your circumstances but how is your relationship with your mum and dad? If it is civil why not talk to them about her behaviour as it is a mother's and father's responsibility to talk to you about those things, not hers. She is over stepping her boundaries as a sister. She can give you advice but if she has a bone to pick with you, she should be going through her parents and then them talking to you and sorting it out. Use them as the middle man, that's what they're there for. In the meantime, give her the finger, smile and show her the door. Don't show that she is getting to you. Then she has no choice but to go to mum and dad :thumbup:
  12. IGoddessI


    Listening to my partner curse because he has somehow broken our lawn mower, needs to fix it then finish the mowing... Meanwhile I'm sitting inside in the air conditioning with a refreshing beverage :twisted: Earlier his sister took me to get a tiara to wear for the wedding, my son said I looked like a princess <3: Then we went for a drive across a long bridge to an island and had lunch and a swim in the beautiful, clear, water. And tomorrow I have solicitor dramas :wall:
  13. :huh: No bank is going to give you a 'high' interest rate for even a 10 year account; even if you did, how are you going to save money for a new house while paying for one to live in? Maybe you live in a house already bought or another individual advantages, but do know you are extremely lucky if you're in such a position right now. Err there are plenty of banks with high interest accounts? Maybe you live in another country? :/ Or maybe your definition of 'high' is unrealistic? Westpac gives close to $5000 annual interest for just $40,000 and it goes up the more you save. currently, we live off my fiance's wage and save money quite easily (minus wedding expenses) which means we'll be able to bank every cent I earn when I go back to work. I don't see the problem? Or am I missing something? $60,000 x 10 years = $600,000 not including 10 years worth of interest. Probably looking at around $350,000 here for a nice 4 bedroom home. Probably looking at around $500,000-$600,000 for the dream home. Also have a few online businesses which produce monthly income.... then there are shares.... and we'll stop there. I feel awkward enough having to dab in to my personal life to explain a point. I don't know whether to laugh or feel offended that you honestly thought I didn't know what I was talking about.... I'm heading to 30 dude and believe it or not I have a life plan ;)
  14. Getting my fiance' to crack my back for me all the time I will only drink icy cold water.... like half the bottle filled with ice I love cold showers with only cold water on I think they're refreshing I still crack my fingers but not as bad as I used to I hate hot weather and wish it was winter all year around I'd love to live in the snow
  15. That probably be true but at least uni students and high school kids can come to this page and learn a thing or two if they're smart enough or even suggest a few of these ideas to their parents or friends who may be struggling.
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