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  1. Seeing the amount of people in this thread that are 5'10 to 6'0 and under 150 pounds....y'all should gain some weight.
  2. Agreed. He's hilarious on 8 Out of 10 Cats but his stand up isn't as good. I love watching stand up. Billy Connolly, Kevin Bridges and Lee Mack are favourites of mine at the minute. I haven't recognised many of the comedians names from across the pond though so I'm wondering how people feel about comedians from different countries, say the difference between British and American comedy? I know theres not one particular thing that constitutes "British" or "American" comedy but there are bound to be differences. There's definitely a difference between American and British styles but I can't really put my finger on it. The only British comedian I've ever really listened a lot to is Ricky Gervais, and I enjoy him.
  3. Not entirely sure if this is the right forum for this or if there's already been a thread on this. Stand up comedy is one of my favorite things in life. Finding a hilarious new comedian or special is always a highlight for me. Unfortunately I'm beginning to run out of comics that I find funny. My favorites right now would be Louis CK, George Carlin, Greg Giraldo, Bill Burr, Kathleen Madigan, Chris Rock, Anthony Jeselnik, Mitch Hedberg, Daniel Tosh, and Ricky Gervais (not necessarily in that order). Anyone else here like stand up? Favorite comedians?
  4. Squats don't ruin your knees unless you do them wrong.
  5. Supplements aren't necessary, unless you are eating as much as you possibly can and are still burning too many calories to gain weight. Also definitely replace leg press with squats or deadlifts and the hamstring machine with something like glute-ham raises.
  6. I'm about 6'1 and I try to keep my weight between 200 and 205 for football.
  7. 9 mens. Holy my feet are small for my size.
  8. ...how many girls could there be out there that are under 5 feet and don't have breasts.
  9. Acquired bulletstorm. I loved painkiller and when I found out it was made by the same people, I had to play it. Very fun, it's like a combination of painkiller and gears on crack. I just wish it was a little more painkiller and a little less gears.
  10. Not even the occasional glass of red when dining out? I used to smoke and even though I've stopped smoke doesn't bother me in the slightest. If I could find a girl who could come close to out-swearing me I'd be in love. Yeah I don't think dizzle's old enough to take a girl to a restaurant and have her order red wine.
  11. That sounds extremely xenophobic. You don't want Islamic people there because they're different to French culture? While they're at it, why not ban yamaka's and the collars that Catholic priests wear? And yes, allowing Muslim women to wear a burqa totally encourages petty crimes. I mean, there's no evidence to back that up, and I've never heard of someone getting mugged by a Muslim woman, but you're right.
  12. Y'all sound like a bunch of hipsters. "UGH I hate how mainstream that is" "just doing it to be a rebel mannnnn" The only things that are a turn off for me are fat and if they're taller than me. And if you're taller than me you're like 6'2 minimum.
  13. Yeah I kinda forgot about this thread. I'm up to 200 now though and trying to maintain that, so I think I'm good.
  14. Sprinting certainly would affect it. When I was responding to justcallmedaddy I mentioned how distance runners could be at a huge disadvantage when starting to squat. This is because when you do any athletic activity, your body learns to build the muscles that are good for that activity and get rid of the muscles that aren't needed for that activity. Distance runners obviously use their legs, but when you look at it they don't really train the muscle groups that would be good for squatting: quads, hammies, glutes, and hip flexors Sprinting, on the other hand, requires intensive fast-twich stimulation of all of those muscles. Definitely helps to explain why you are a "natural" squatter. Olympic lifters, who work on developing immense strength in the front-squat and the overhead squat, actually run sprints as part of their training routine. Basically...this: 225 to parallel at 140...age 14...is still ridiculous though. haha. What did your parents feed you as a child? :razz: My squat's always been pretty high up. I squat as much or more than every lineman on my team.
  15. Running doesn't really develop the same kind of strength in your legs that you will need for squatting. In fact, if you ran long distance primarily, you could be at a disadvantage even. I'd say you can expect to bench 95, squat 105, and deadlift 115. If you have seriously never lifted ever in your life then take 10-20 lbs off these numbers. If you do pushups occaisonally and stuff, you might be able to get like 105 on your bench. When I first started lifting I weighed 140 and could bench 105 but only squat and DL about 95 I must be a freak then. When I started squatting at 14 I could do 225 6-7 times. First of all, it depends on your genetics and what sports you may have played. Secondly, it depends hugely on your bodyweight. If you weighed close to 200 lbs, 225 wouldn't be all that insane. Thirdly, it depends on what you call a squat. No offense, but when I hear people throw around large squat numbers like that, it almost always means they aren't doing a full squat. Just like 90% of the people at a gym these days, I wouldn't be suprised if you were doing half-squats or even quarter squats. I mean 225 isn't a crazy huge squat, it is less than what I max out on and anyone who trains consistently for more than a year should be able to rep out at 225. But to be a true beginner and full squat 225 pounds? You either have incredible genetics or you weren't really squatting with full depth. Or, like I said, if you weighed 200+ pounds it wouldn't be unexpected. I always squat to at least parallel. A lot of the time I end up going lower by accident. Back then I weighed in at around 140 lbs. I wasn't a very big kid. I played hockey and I was a sprinter. Dunno if that would effect it. Right now I can squat about 385 at 194 lbs. It would have been higher if I hadn't snapped my femur during last summer.
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