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  1. I just go for casual style, try to blend in. Some red dragonhide and a pair of bunny ears? Yes please. Take out a yo-yo and do some loops? Sure.
  2. Oh my, you have never seen me walking, I used to walk without knees. On a second note I would probably check back in once a year to see how people I used to play with is doing, but I would never get into raising a new account.
  3. This is a easy question to answer. I would never walk near Runescape again.
  4. My bad, : - ) More on topic, I think the resemblance between the sword and saradomian symbols are a bit too close to completely ignore. The artist who made it works for Jagex, and did not create the elite black knight in 2 minutes. Quality assurance have also taken a glance at this model. It is a very strange coincidence if thats all it is.
  5. I believe this topic does not include Movarios research notes.
  6. I´m thinking more like a ranking system. Kill a person that is ranked higher than you, and you get more ranking points as well as better loot. Kill a person that is ranked lower than you and get less points and loot. Items on death will of course be a huge factor too. I don´t think that things like eating etc will be a factor, I mean in a multi combat war were two guys are fighting and eating and fighting and eating and you jump in from nowhere and do the finishing blow wont be very impressive on your part.
  7. I sometimes wonder if people have some serious issues when it comes to creativity. The whole "That would make mining etc way too easy" whining is very narrow minded. It could easily be fixed by having non stackable casting payments. Such as spell requiring "1 law rune, 2 air runes and one cut sapphire, ". It would still be a powerful spell as most monsters drop sapphires quite often, you get them occasionally while mining and are generally easy to reach in many ways. Taking with you 2-3 sapphires at the start of a farming round would also still be better than not having the spell at all, even though you loose a few more inventory spots initially.
  8. There is always reasons for rares to "not" be a good investment. Example: Reduction of new players + reduction of player base in total = devaluation of rares. Elaborating: 10 party hats on market with 2.000.000 players = high price. 5 party hats on market with 150.000 players = probably lower price. Although there are less party hats in market two there is a much smaller player base resulting in "probably" devaluation of the rare. Of course there are tons of other factors but this was just an example.
  9. I don't understand the logic of this topic. What would stop a bot/realWorldTrader/etc from just farming accounts today so they could be used next year? The whole idea is that jagex can lax down their anti bot/rwt division and use more manpower on actual updates. This idea makes them reverse that effort and must use as much power as before on stopping rule breakers. I must say you are naive if you think that real world traders are just level 3's cutting yews with short lived accounts. The movie that was filmed in a sweetshop that had 5 level 126' accounts is a proof that should not be ignored. For one.
  10. I see a lot of interesting suggestions here. 2161warrior I like your suggestion with the ranged bolts to equal the black mask for rangers. Although I think they should be a little bit harder to obtain than just slayer gems. But the basics in the idea is very interesting. I also like the idea of the pausing idea by Recksash. Could be nice if you could just hold down a button, like perhaps alt+ctrl combo or something similar. Thanks.
  11. The levels are in mining as it is today. The current essence price and what they sell for is around 150 per essence. -- Thanks for all the replies.
  12. For everyone that does not know the essence situation, I would recommend to lay low when it comes to this topic. I will however give a quick summary: Few essence miners (Bots and gold farmers gone) For high levels/mid levels it is not worth mining essence as it gives very poor xp and they have better ways to make money. For the low levels it is a ok thing to do when it comes to money, but still the xp cuts short. Result. Pure essence prices are higher than many runes and the whole market is dodgy. There is currently no balance in the system. You could always give more xp for mining essence, but that would just make it too good for low levels and un-balance the game. This is my solution to it however: Low levels straight off tutorial island would still be able to get their essence to craft their runes. However they would not be able to get too much xp for it so other options such as copper and tin would be better for xp. High levels New reasons to get higher mining. Will get pure essence quicker than the lower levels. And they will get more xp to balance it more with other things to do with the mining skill. No, this is not a "suggestion" so please don't move it. This is a topic to discuss the essence issue. (And possible fixes) Essence prices 157gp atm?
  13. Joke ? Please lol I really hope he is joking. lol Hilarious. "From some play".
  14. I was expecting some semi provoking response but you actually summarized my point in one sentence. Idiots will always be idiots. Immaturity will always be immaturity. These people you claim that have no respect for F2P'ers are simply: idiots. Along with all the other people who have no respect for other groups of people because of this or that reason. Its life. (TBH:- To be honest.- Overused teenage "word" on the web)
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