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  1. ...which had to be put in thanks to their asinine personal shops and the G.E.'s tight controls.
  2. The patch notes are nice, but the update itself is lousy. It is nice that those who've obtained champions' scrolls are rewarded, but the entire minigame is... flawed. Hopefully, they've increased the drop rate of champions' scrolls, but everything bar the imp is worthless- the slayer and hp exp you get is negligible.
  3. They announced that this week would not have an update.
  4. None of this even related to the post of mine you quoted, buuuut... Superior availability is one of Jagex's accomplishments over other games/companies. Yes, the poll was stacked, we're over that now. I didn't even vote, I'm glad they got it, but I do know it probably would have gone the other way. FInally, this... Is a re-statement of what you already said. Please answer my post, you quoted it, and your post was at first irrelevant and at last a re-statement: Please explain to me why RS or RSers getting laughed at by, say, WoWers should matter at all. Keep in mind the points I noted... in the post you quoted... Saying why RS/Jagex is mocked is not an answer, it's a re-statement (especially since many of those reasons have completely reasonabel explanations). Never crossed my mind, by the way. Exaggeratted (never ending), and the same in many, many, MANY other MMO's. @fat klutz First off most of your reasons have are either explainable (bad graphics (I don't even care about graphics) are because Jagex has enabled RS to be playable on truly ancient machines in order to increase number of possible customers; it's one of their leading philosophies), exaggerated (impossible to hold a conversation, really?), universal (idiots are only on RS?), and/or false/ill-informed (ever even done some of the not-novice quests? Try MEP2, Summer's End, ETC then tell me what a quest basically is in RS). Anything else is called a CON of playing RS. RS also has PROS over other games, like how other games have PROS of playing it. There's no such thing as a perfect game, and even if it was "perfect" for some person or group, it wouldn't be perfect for many other people. Here's what it boils down to: You believe Jagex are great game designers and that they deserve this award. I believe that as successful as they are, they do not deserve this award. That's not gonna change and nothing new is going to brought to the table. Anything I've said you've poo-pooed and followed up with why does it matter? So I've tried to restate it in a way that it makes sense. And I'm gonna try one last time: Here's why other gamers opinion matters: cause this is an award given by gamers to game producing corporations based on votes. When those who are not really gamers, i.e. too young or play one or two games, vote enough to swing the contest, they get upset. That's one of the complaints levied against the Wii: it attracts too many nongamers. Most of Runescape's player base aren't gamers. This would be like the American people not liking a law that foreigners voted into place, using the American system, and then being told that their opinion does not matter. Edit: You're also demanding evidence and arguments without giving any of your own. Instead of telling us that complaints about Runescape are invalidated, why not tell us how?
  5. That's going in the siggy :P Wow... just... wow. Can't believe I missed it. Ah well. I'll leave it up as a monument to my own failings, for none are perfect.
  6. Please explain to me why RS or RSers getting laughed at by, say, WoWers should matter at all. *An addition: Like how in Science, a geologist's opinion on matters of Astrophysics doesn't hold much credibility, a WoWer's opinion on RS shouldn't either. One word: poll tax. Every other company's voters have them. Console games have the console and the games. PC games have the games, a pc, and, in many cases, a monthly fee. Handhelds require the game and the handheld. Runescape requires nothing. Nothing. No game disc required (not even a download, for that matter), no monthly fees unless you choose to, and you don't even need a computer; many who play it play at the library or other places with free computer access. And then we have advertisement. Runescape has heavy bias here as you are required to go to their website to play where they have conveniently posted an advertisement for this very affair not once, but twice. Most other corporations listed here do not have this requirement. Let's also not forget that many of these votes are from preteen's and younger, player's who have a very, very small repertoire of games. Though not an issue in itself, this makes older players or those who identify themselves as gamers feel frustrated. Many feel that it is unfair that a corporation should win simply because they direct their young swarm to vote for them. Finally, as I've pointed out in the past, Jagex itself is not well liked. Runescapers have this stereotype in mind where other gamers point and laugh at the game merely because of it's graphics. Wrong. They laugh at it because of Jagex's abysmal customer service. They mock it because of the free trade updates. They find it horrible because of the never ending grinding. And they abhor it because of the community.
  7. As does WoW on other games sites too. It really doesn't matter what people who don't play think, the fact is that lots of people that do play, and others who don't but thought Jagex deserved it, voted for Jagex. WoW is a respectable game. The players get laughed at, sure, but that's because of stereotypes. Heck, WoW players make up half the jokes, probably more. People laugh with, not at, WoW players. Runescapers are laughed at.
  8. Everquest would like to speak to you on that. See, just because they were the first does not mean they launched the genre. There were probably writers who wrote fantasy before Tolkien and writers who wrote sci-fi before Jules Verne, but they didn't found the genre. Those who get popular enough to make a difference, however, do. Runescape wasn't popular enough to be able to found the genre, though it may have been the first.
  9. Here's the reason why it's controversial: Jagex is not well liked. Amongst the gamer community, Runescape is the butt of jokes. Jagex's decisions are often mocked, their customer support is infamous, and the free trade removal is surprising well known. Edit: I'd also like to point out that this was almost rigged. As pointed out above, both Lion's Head and Rockstar North are console game's. Runescape is not. Runescape has far more non-paying members who are capable of clicking on a link to vote for Jagex. Hell, Jagex has posted, at least twice, about the competition on the front page. Whereas the other companies really don't have that option- only superdedicated fans will visit their website. I'm a hardcore Nintendite, and I don't even visit their site, so that's saying something. The worst part is the F2P aspect of this. Whereas GTA and Fable require a console and the game itself, Runescape has a free aspect, is online, and can be played in your browser. Ergo, the other two companies have more gamers while Jagex is funneling in pre-teens to vote for them.
  10. Sigh... just more proof they aren't run like a business. I'm not saying they should release a subpar game, but to just can it after all that effort seems foolish. And wasn't it just after August that good updates started coming back? You know, after the team that was working on Mechscape quite working on it?
  11. Nothing, currently. The things they DID do against it are ancient, dating back to at least Burning Crusade, probably even further back. They delayed mail between two accounts that involved money and items by something like two hours and did the same for items bought via the auctionhouse, most likely to check the legitimacy of the trade, and disallowed trial accounts from getting more than X gold and going beyond level 20. And that's all. No trade restrictions, no auction house restrictions, nothing. But I've never seen or heard of Blizzard complaining about banks threatening to deny them credit card service. Which is odd, especially because all gold farmers must use a credit card to farm at all, unlike Runescape.
  12. Sorry, just to add to this: I found where it said hours of thousands of players is equal to years of one small team testing: Found Here: http://services.runescape.com/m=devblog/view_post.ws?post_id=14&page=3 So yes, I still reckon the current system that's in place will do just fine as it has done. What, you mean steal millions from players? Cause all monsters to not retaliate when attacked? Ensure that minigames are unplayable on release?
  13. Actually, it does. Vista. New Coke. Family Guy. Just to name a few.
  14. Where the hell do you get off? They're not on thin ice, they are releasing strong updates, the economy..well...that speaks for itself and is only players to blame.. But here's the thing..Generals are paid who sit at the top. They're paying those who are working for them. Yes, do we understand that much? Now, Jagex are paying themselves, those sitting at the top are the ones who built that company and have it expanded so much they havr 400 staff and so much in-game content. You're paying them, and the moment you're unhappy you don't have to worry about "Quitting" because you need the money to survive. You can quit at any time and actually SAVE money! Yeah! Now do us all a favour.. First off, they are on thin ice. The economy is a major sticking point which, due to their long running interference with the G.E, the G.E itself, and their inaction/failed action against 76king, they are mostly responsible for. Furthermore, a year of short inconsequential quests (a feature on which they, and many players, consider themselves "the best"), a very lackluster first 8 months, mobilizing armies spectacular failure, and their potion update being greatly compromised in a manner that rubbishes it, they aren't on particular stable footing. I should have clarified on the general statement. I was thinking of ancient generals. Greeks, Romans, and so forth. A general who succeeded was greatly admired, wealthy, and popular. But, should his luck fail, he would quickly become reviled. This could often lead to exile, execution, and other unsavory consequences. Similarly, any corporation that specializes in entertainment will get a lot of slack when doing well, but the moment they begin to falter their leash becomes rather short. Edit/P.S.: I get off by having a functioning brain, freedom of speech, and the fact that Jagex haven't exactly wowed me in recent years.
  15. I'm not being rude here, and I haven't actually watched the video, but really? They're on thin ice here and this is how they budget their time? Now, if things were all well, strong update with little controversy after strong update, economy back on track, rampant inflation staked through the heart, and so forth, I'd be find with these shenanigans. But, here's the thing. Generals who lose battles are unpopular. They get very little slack. The same applies to those in the entertainment business.
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