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  1. You obviously must have pathetic reading skills; he means 15 seconds per inventory of superheating bars.
  2. Block it. Waste of money and time. You never get any good loot either.
  3. dragon darts aren't too expensive either way
  4. stuff thats produced in vast quantities and has a stable price i.e. ores, bars, logs, etc
  5. So currently, I'm 19 dungeoneering, and I need to get to 70 to be able to weild the arcane stream necklace. Approximately how long would it take to get from 19-70, and what methods should I use? Thanks all! :D
  6. Prossy + SS Pray turmoil and flash SS if you're going to die
  7. So burst until 94, then 94-99 I barrage rock lobsters? Is there a guide on tip.it? Im pretty sure I saw one before.
  8. How much would it cost to blitz/barrage rock lobsters? Roughly? Is barrage worth it, or should I blitz?
  9. Money is not an issue. I just want to get to 99 magic ASAP.
  10. save up for now!! and prayers are useless
  11. Approximately how long would it take to fully recharge the upgraded Barbarian horn at level 5 healer?
  12. They are not broken. Ever thought of...GETTING ANCIENTS??? Just putting it out there.
  13. Use Kuradel. Wear Prossy + Pray Turmoil + Flash SS Whip + rune def, barrows gloves, full slayer helm, fury, fire cape, dragon boots, zerker ring (i) or kuradel's ring you'll make tons of money
  14. How long will it take to level from 15-70 dungeoneering on f2p, using the fastest methods possible? Thanks. :)
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