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  1. That's what I heard pretty consistently. (I was asking about getting a 1h prom bind.) But when I asked why, I always got ad hominem nonsense. What's the more objective reason why battleaxe is a better bind than rapier? (Also, throwing longsword into the comparison.)
  2. Elite clues have only changed this a tiny bit. Especially at your [the original poster's] levels, they are far too much of a pain to be worth attempting. Bones will pay for your pots and/or runes, but it's still an annoying waste of your time. (You can go to blues or something if you really want bones.) Cancel if you've done Smoking Kills, or Burthorpe if you haven't.
  3. It wouldn't be fast, but it would be cheap. I would recommend if you intent to go through with smithing the addy bars to obtain the Scroll of Efficiency from dungeoneering if you have spare tokens. It's more important to unlock the edgeville furnace than anything else, because the 'increased smithing speed' only happens maybe once every 20 some smelts. This is the sort of reply I was looking for. Does anyone have specific data on how often you smelt double? How about how often you smith quickly, and how much time that saves? How does this affect my time from bank to bank? Thank you guys.
  4. I'm rather specific in the smithing I'm trying to get, and why I'm trying to get it. I want 80 smithing for stealing creation and to pot to gorgonite in dungeons. I don't expect to smith more in the future, unless untradeable armor comes out. In particular, this is not on the list of 99s I would like to have someday. Anyway, I have a regular adult hellcat. Oh, and uh... make that 10k gold (smelt+superheat) and 5k addy (bars to bolts), or something. To clarify, I want to SMELT gold but SMITH addy. (The smith speedup applies to all bars, right?) EDIT: Would it be faster just to do gold to 80?
  5. I should add, I would also need to do the Ratcatchers quest. Would the time I save over like 10k gold ores and maybe 1k addy bars be worth this?
  6. I'm about to go smelt+superheat 10k gold ores over the course of the next however long it takes. I am about to get Varrock armor 1. I can do most of 2 pretty easily, except for that whole bit about catching rats. How long does that part take? How much quicker will my smelting be? Overall, would it be worth it? What about for when I go smithing bars into bolts afterwards? Thanks.
  7. Charge is easier to use in my opinion because it makes it more difficult for a skilled opponent to outmaneuver you. That and BC+Charge is a free champ against weaker players. SW probably beats Stoicism vs other 3champs now that I think about it, if you choose to only have one. Stoicism is better if you also want the option of using it on more fragile units. (SW on a 100 health unit just doesn't work.) It's not that 3champs is overpowered in ideal play. Rather, it's that it requires no skill to use (and your opponents will surely flame this) while doing quite well against other builds (that require significantly more skill to keep an even footing).
  8. If you don't care what others think of you: 3 champions battle cry charge stoicism regenerate fill with scouts It really doesn't take skill to play that build and beat people in the 1000s to 1500s rank range.
  9. Zephy

    Ammo Bind

    I have sags bound, but ever since alching them got nerfed, I'm finding them not that great. Meanwhile, I can't rc my own bloods, and end up stuck on bosses like solo rammernaut. Should I switch to bound bloods? Would it significantly affect me on bosses that require range? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the responses so far. Does anyone have a champ-less build that does fine in general and vs 3champ?
  11. I'm getting really tired of 3champ users. What sorts of builds are good in general but consistent at beating 3champ from a player of the same skill level? Thanks!
  12. See if you can ask for battle robes or something that will retain street value well.
  13. I'm liquidating some unused portions of my bank. I will end up with somewhere between 20 and 30m free that I would like to flip effectively. If anyone could give me some pointers on managing risk and getting good returns, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. I kind of an old school slayer, so no piety or other boosting prayers I'm afraid. I was looking for more plain defensive gear setups. Eh, back then there was no really efficient way to pray on training. Now there are plenty. Especially if you get a soul wars cape, etc. Just like, Guthan is far less commonly used now because of easier alternatives.
  15. Explain please? I'm actually rather interested in EPing.
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