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  1. Mole or KBD as they're the only ones I've managed to kill so far...but if barrows count as bosses then I would definatly do that :)
  2. Sc is really good if you want a break from training combat then speed it up afterwords. People also use sc when smithing or doing construction to cut the costs and stop you mashing buttons for ages. In the case of melée the 20-40 minutes that you spend getting the armour you could be getting more xp just training solidly, but it's up to you really
  3. You only need 2 people for a game of FoG as it's 1v1, the lowest amount of people I've seen in the arena is 8 I think
  4. Where's the noob class? In all seriousness I'd get as many summoning levels as possible and mabye theiving as well so you can steal kings crowns and stuff =]
  5. Thanks i'll try it out :]
  6. I'm having a huge problem with logging. whenever I try to log in, I can enter my username and password then choose a world but then I get the "loading please wait" box up then it will either freeze or the game creen will go completely black and I can't do anything. I have tried running on different browsers, I have the latest java and I can log onto to pthger accounts just not this specific one. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I would appreciate any help greatly
  7. Birds do still drop these ^^ From the holiday/rare items guide The cornucopia holds up to 140 life points worth of food, and clicking it heals that amount. The cornucopia can be obtained after the event from killing various birds in RuneScape, as well as from Diango.
  8. When I did barrows for a bit I'd write done all the loots I got, and skills I'd need for quest I want to do.
  9. I don't know if anyone else has posted this but if you double click on a stall, from what I found out, then even if you get caught you steal from the stall and get all whatever yor stealing and the xp ^^
  10. Bolt of cloth and you can buy them from the guy at the sawmill if they won't sell in the GE
  11. The royal set is P2P only and I would suggest full zamorak armour, wizard (G) and a trimmed magic or strength amulet. Also I don't suggest buying corrupt dragon unless you'll use it in pvp or want to waste money
  12. Lost city and preist in peril, of the top of my head Also wholf whistle for summoning and Druidic ritual for herblore
  13. I'll finish my current task then try some of the individual monster and see how that goes Thanks for all the advice again ^^
  14. looks like im going to be slaying for a bit
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