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  1. Are the NPC's in Legends guild new? Xeina, Ozan, Sir Owen, The Raptor etc etc??
  2. Outside Varrock castle Ozan, or what ever his name is. when you talk to him he then vanishes. Are the warrior and or mage anywhere around Rs that anyones seen?
  3. Was just having a cheeky little look at Octarine on the highschores, and this advert came up: Couldn't help but laugh, all this talk about RuneScape being over run by bots and how the game is going down hill, now somehow advertising for one of it's biggest competitors? I know it's happened before just thought they would of looked to see exactly what gets advertised?
  4. Effigie Claws Effigie from TDS few months back
  5. At the end of the quest you pick a number between 1-5 to hide the Stone of Jas. Do you think this will be needed in future? Like for us to remember? He said it was to do with coordinates, do you think will can find it again without a new quest?
  6. Got my final Mining and Agility level today and not long after finished the quest. Story line was amazing, dialog was awesome and the cut scene's, best cut scenes in the game so far? As for the final fights, i took a full invent and PakYak full of rock tails, 5 super restores and 2 Sara brews, a Tele and a dds. I did all the fights with that. Not to mention it was my first attempt also :)
  7. Im thinking about boosting my mining for the quest, only 1 level. Is there alot of mining to be done?
  8. so during the quest Agility isn't boostable, but crafting and mining are?
  9. 4 and a half hours 85-88 herblore, and ALOT of ge merching from panic/finished sellers
  10. Went from 85-88 (81k from 89) Herblore with things i had laying around in my bank. Didn't really focus on the x2 xp so much, only had 5 hours play time at the end of it all.
  11. Mutated Jadinko Guard (lvl: 145) Drop the new Fellstalk seeds. Just had 2 in one drop.
  12. Yeah sounds like gold famers hacked you, took your cash to sell then used your account to bot.
  13. in the place you got it from there is a blood fountain, just dip it in there
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