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  1. I used to kill green dragons out in the Wilderness close to Clan Wars. Since bringing back the wilderness, where is the best location to slay green dragons?
  2. Which method would you guys say would be faster to mine a great amount of coal.....the mining guild or the coal trucks?
  3. I've been given the task to slay about 100+ Ice Giants. Where is the best place to do this? I've tried the Ice Dungeon but I'm always being attacked by Ice Warriors and I've tried lvl 45 wilderness but I'm always being attacked by Revenants. Is there a better place to slay the Ice Giants or should I just deal with the Ice Warriors?
  4. Is the ring of wealth the only item that will help increase your chances of rare monster drops?
  5. Thanks man. I'm starting on that now. :grin:
  6. What is the best monster to train my attack from level 66 to 70 while making a decent amount of cash? I've tried green dragons but that area is always packed with other players.
  7. Thanks everyone for the help. You all are awesome. I've got another quick question though. Since my range lvl is 48 and I'm about 17k experience away from lvl 50, should I advance to lvl 50 in order to wield a magic shortbow or should I just go on ahead and range him how I am? Any thoughts?
  8. He stated that in his original post. 48 range. Green dragonhide, yew shortbow. Type of arrows isn't too important, steel or mith is fine. Alternately you could use an addy crossbow and mith bolts. Bring a couple prayer potions, a little food just in case, and you'll be fine. Thank you very much for all the help!
  9. Range lvl = 48 Stated in first post
  10. This is correct. I finished the quest myself when I was only 41 range, and had no problems. So you should do just fine ;] What items did you use when you ranged the demon? Can't really remember exactly, it's been about 5 years since I did it, and my equipment would probably be outdated now.. But, in any case, I probably just wore dragonhide and ranged with my best bow/arrows. It's a very easy fight, you should have no problems. I haven't ranged in a couple years. So what would be the best armour, bow and arrows or any other equipment that would help me at my level?
  11. This is correct. I finished the quest myself when I was only 41 range, and had no problems. So you should do just fine ;] What items did you use when you ranged the demon?
  12. I am currently working on completing the monkey madness quest. After reading through guides on completing the quest, I noticed it said that the best ways to defeat the demon were to use magic and ranging. However, I believe that I don't have high enough mage or range levels to defeat the demon. (mage = 55 and range = 48). What would be the best method for me to defeat this demon?
  13. I remember someone telling me about quests to unlock lands to the east and the west or something like that. What does that mean?
  14. Herro everybody I recently just started playing runescape again after about a year or so break. After about a week or two of playing and getting back into the swing of things I decided to buy membership. I'm just curious as to what you guys think should be the first things I do while being a member. Like which skills to focus more on (I currently raised my fletching lvl to 35, thieving to 21 and slayer to 15) and which quests are essential to complete (currently no quests have even been attempted). Thank you in advance :thumbsup:
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