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  1. I already had to replace the HDD once because it broke, thankfully under warranty.
  2. Is your computer an HP? This happened to my brother recently (3 months after purchase). The fan got really loud then one day before Windows loaded it said that the fan wasn't operating properly. The temp stabled at ~80 degrees so we sent it to HP. They replaced the fan and the hard drive, and now it works fine.
  3. Whenever I put my laptop to sleep it turns off the wireless card and thereby disconnects it. When I wake it up, it takes about 2 minutes to reconnect. I frequently put the computer to sleep when I move it, so the hard drive does not become damaged. However, I would like the wireless card to remain on and active. How should I go about doing this? Notes: I have a Thinkpad, so I can use the new InstantResume, which keeps connections active, but it doesn't actually put my computer to sleep until I open the lid (wtf?). It also crashes the computer occasionally. When I go to device manager (w7) and go to the properties of my wirless card (Intel centrino ultimate 6300) and go to the power management tab, the "turn off this device in low-power mode" box is unchecked. However, the card is still unpowered upon sleeping.
  4. Thanks I found it in the software. I can use quadraphonic sound with the line in and speaker ports and 7-speaker surround with all 3.
  5. My integrated sound card has three ports: microphone in (pink), line in (blue), and speaker out (green). Is there any way to convert the blue port to another speaker out so I can use 2 sets of speakers without buying a splitter?
  6. Today we came home and turned the computer on. At boot, it said that a cooling fan was not operating properly and shut itself off. After that, it never showed up and booted to Windows every time. So far the temperature is idling at 44. The fan is still making that annoying buzzing sound.
  7. My brother has an hp pavillion dv7 notebook with amd phenom ii x4 (1.6ghz) and ati mobility hd 57xx something. It is fairly new; we bought it a couple of months ago. Recently the computer started making a noise. At first we thought it was the hard disk but then we downloaded and checked Speccy. It said the HDD was fine but the CPU was at 65C (temp). I closed RS and shut it off for about 5 minutes and it dropped to the mid 40s. Just sitting there idle it got up to 50. Once we started RS again it went up to 65 again. Finally we played Modern Warfare 2 and the air coming out of the CPU got really hot. Speccy reported 74 which shouldn't happen at all. All other temps were fine and cold air was coming out of the GPU. What could be the problem and how should I solve this?
  8. If you spilled on your keyboard (and you expect it to happen again) I'd go with a thinkpad. These things are unbreakable unless you try. I spilled water on my t510 a few times and it is just unusable for a day (won't turn on - Lenovo puts this in there). If you look at the video below you can also see it (but that one doesn't turn off at all). However, if you want one with a graphics card they come expensive unless you go for thinkpad edge. Id look at the one on the right of this page, add the x3 processor, 4gb ram, and a larger hard drive. You should easily be able to play SC2 on that. Also, if you're willing to spend a few hundred more dollars, you can look at the t410. They are more expensive, but even harder to break. Also comes with Optimus graphics. My t510 has the same graphics card (no optimus sadly) and can play MW2 max settings without lag. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7cvi00OZDM
  9. Basically my dad needs a new pc at his work. He owns a gas station and all he needs is space to store cctv backups and register backups. It does not need too much cpu power. Our computer guy wants to give us AMD Sempron 2.8ghz but its single core. for like $50 more he can get us pentium dual 2.8ghz. For running windows 7 pro (need xp mode) will a single core cut it for no lag? I usually am an expert at this stuff but I have no idea how modern single cores are because I went straight from pentium 3 to core i7.
  10. Wen I use the HP installer it generates errors.
  11. I have the HP officejet pro 8500 wireless all-in-one and am having problems with manually installing it. When I use the HP software that came with the printer, it disconnects whenever I switch wireless networks (I move my computer a lot). I have to reinstall the printer to get it to work again. However, last time it happened, the HP software kept generating errors so I decided to ditch it. I managed to manually make a port to my printer's static IP,, and install the driver off the cd. It is a fully functional printer, but the scanning aspect does not work. How would you go about installing it manually? With the [developmentally delayed] hp software, I could scan over the network, so I know I can now.
  12. Ok thanks. I just thought those new elite clue rune sets were f2p.
  13. So my p2p is about to expire and I need an outfit for f2p. I currently have a red mask and 100m. What are the most expensive pieces of equipment I can get (that still looks decent) for 100m? It doesn't have to go with the mask, but it can.
  14. What are the concerns? I would like to know before I start; I may try on a virtual box first. I've never actually done it before. It just seems like their would be a lot of crap from the previous install that is just not necessary anymore. Doh! Don;t comment if you have no idea. OS thats are designed to do upgrade installs purposefully swap out old files for new one by one; then add in the new features and remove the unncessary ones Either way you can't upgrade from xp to 7. The upgrade disc will work but it will clean install.
  15. Basically during physics class I had a video camera and recorded something. My teacher now wants me to make a motion diagram like this: I went to photoshop and imported the video to layers. Then I added masks manually to each layer to create the effect. While this one was fairly simple, is there any software that automatically can do this? We already have adobe cs5 master collection and windows 7.
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