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  1. First good drop at Steels. Would've preferred a visage <_<
  2. Higibob


    Hey, im Higibob and I had a few questions about slayer. Right now i have 67 slayer, and want to go to 85+. I know it will take a long time, but i know it will be worth it :). But ok so i want to know what gear i should buy to slay with. I have about 100M to work with and buy Armour/food/pots.Next, What slayer master should i use? My att/str/def ate 90/85/81. And finally i was just wondering about how much money i will make. Thanks! Higibob.
  3. Hey I was wondering if I could effectively solo bandos once i get 90/90/90 stats. If so, is it ok cash? and what gear should i use? Thanks. Higibob
  4. Higibob

    God books

    No way to get the pages back, but the whip can be restored by using a cleaning cloth on it. Okay, Thanks!
  5. Hey, i have a zammy book and i was wondering is there any way to dismantle it to get the pages and the empty book? thanks. Also, is there any way to get a whip "un-painted" back to normal?
  6. well i have ~110M and was wondering how much more i would need to get the lowest priced phat, thanks.
  7. Since i saw everyone doing barrows i decided to try... First Double chest ever :D ( and sorry for bad quality, i was too exited :P)
  8. 6m fishing xp :thumbsup: and kinda lol'ed at chat :lol:
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