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  1. I was fighting Nomad in my n00b fashion (no kyatt, took titan instead lol) and I was at zerker stage. I'd run out of bres so I was basically spamming titan spec and sgs spec that a friend had lent me. He yelled pathetic!, but I didn't die. Apparently titan healed me just as I was supposed to die lol. (That was the try in which I finally beat him lol) Also, at kbd ~2 years ago I was low on HP so I was spamming food. I was at 1 hp (old system ofc) and healed, does that count?
  2. ...And what do I get from this? Pretty much no-one's going to use it if it doesn't give rewards.
  3. JaGeX is a business. THey only care about you (or your parent's :P) pocket. That being said, it's quite sad... But it also seems to me that most botters still wouldn't care if they were punished, no matter what it was. So basically, it's a win-win for JaGex. Loss for us, the players. :|
  4. ...Not that I mean to hijack the thread, but what happens when it's negative? O_o
  5. I did it with war tort and brews & spec res and it was still fairly easy, though I did run out of spec near the end lol. Basically kill the defilers when you see them (or attack them once to get their attention, if you can tank them) and use spec when screen shakes. When not dealing with defilers stand off to the side so queen's attacks don't hurt the soldiers.
  6. Shangdi

    New grave

    No--once I died once and got back to my grave with like 30 secs to spare. I destroyed my grave thinking that it would get me more time but it didn't--I'd destroyed it at 00:04 or something and items disappeared almost immediately after...
  7. Hmm, maybe the familiar might not be a good idea as it's a hassle to use... Altar is right next to the entrance lol. Sorry for my fragmented sentences in the first post :P And I'm afraid I can't give you any more advice because my rc is only 56. I think I have most of it covered, though.
  8. Umm, get lunars, use ZMI. Abyssal familiar, best pouches you can. Take out all tele runes and no duplicates of anything in your inv you need. Fill bank. That way you can use the deposit all button for runes--saves time. Bank and lunar isle or Onouria (not sure which is better), but Lunar isle doesn't require runes. If you've done dream mentor, use the guy on the right so you don't have to bring seal of passage, it's heavy from what I hear. Wear light armour with weight reducing equipment--agile is best I think. Pray range and recharge prayer at altar before you enter.
  9. So as far as I can understand, I can do f1-30 in any order, but if I get more levels, I should do new floors available before I reset? Also, what is a good way of finding groups? I don't have time to do more than ~2 floors a day. I've tried the dg worlds before but haven't found groups for my floors...then again I was only looking for groups for the next floor (ie finished f1-23, looking for 24, not any between 24-30 or w/e)...then again I didn't stay very long either. Lol run-on.
  10. My dg level is currently 63. I've been soloing lol, c1 rushing and then med c6 for the last 10 floors I can access. Is there a better way that doesn't require other people (as all my friends never seem to want to dg with me lol) or should I try with a dg world and the random groups thing? Also, if I do f1-24, then do f27, then go back and do f25 & 26, and finally do 28-31 (or w/e my max floor is lol), would I get full xp for all of them or do they have to be in order?
  11. Well parts of your brain function on different things. And a division down the middle has some bad results, like someone whos brain is split like that just by being born with a split brain, is borderline [developmentally delayed]ed. He can function but cant tell that bad breath makes people not wanna talk to him, or not able to know that LOUD VOICES MEAN ANGREEEEHHH, and a whole bunch of other problems. I think even if the person didnt die in the surgery they would be a vegetable so neither. Although total brain transplants have been done on monkeys and they have survived. If that was a human im sure your sense of self would transfer over with you. I wonder how your brain would deal with odd signals, like a male brain transplanted to a female body, or something? On an even broader question, I wonder how our brain would deal with being implanted into a cyborg body, that may have additional legs and arms a human wouldnt have. Good question, what is our brains capable of? Wish some neuro scientists were in here :P I read somewhere that if you gain a new part or w/e, your brain will make a new part to handle it (specialize a cluster of neurons or something), but I'm not sure. Also, there's a limited amount of neurons availibe so it probably can't go on forever.
  12. According to RSW the theiving req isn't boostable. Don't know about the other ones.
  13. Time to go hit the fat guy on the head...68 theiving atm :/ Btw is using spellbook swap practical for w/e needs ancients?
  14. I trained 94-96 magic with Stun and Alching at the same time--150k per hour, and it cost me ~5m. so a little more than 4,1 gp/xp. I hear that you can string jewellery and make hunter kits at the same time for more xp than either alone, and seeing how hunter kits are already excellent xp...(although, it is expensive (mostly the hunter kit part))
  15. You need a minimum of 80 stats and barrows/void with whip for fight any bosses that get good money. 90 and chaotics for 2m+ an hr.
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