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  1. Hi, i got a Toshiba Camileo H20 for Christmas. It is a video camera, but the stills are fairly good too, so i have been messing around for a few days and got some photos. These two i took from my bedroom, just before sunset: http://www.picable.com/Nature/Sky/Clouds/Sun-Distortion.1216924 http://www.picable.com/Transportation/Bicycles/Sun-Distortion-Two.1216938 This i took on the first day of snow we had this year: http://www.picable.com/Events/Birthday/The-Snow-Day.1216420 These are of my dog :D : http://www.picable.com/Nature/Dogs/A-Born-Killer.1216424 http://www.picable.com/Nature/Dogs/The-Life-of-a-Dog.1216422 This is of a flower which was the only one left standing after winter: http://www.picable.com/Nature/Seasons/Spring/Winters-End.1216910 I would love to hear what you guys think!
  2. So, what do you all think the best type of pure is? By type, i mean zerker pure, barrows pure, hybrid etc... My personal favourite is 20 defence range/mage hybrid (or mystic pure). I always found them fun to make and really effective.
  3. Too much time. Why can't you kill Elvarg in F2P?
  4. You obviously have no clue about anything in the world ever. Don't call people stupid for using mint cakes, call Jagex stupid for not finding a more suitable fix for RWT. TBH.
  5. Hi, the Rogue who buys jewellery in Varrock buys for the minimum GE value, not the alchemy price. The shop database says the alchemy price for all of the items you can sell to him. Also, you can not sell him Onyx un-enchanted jewellery. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, i noticed that in the gnome delivery minigame page it didn't state that you can only receive mint cakes from Brambickle, Penwie and Wingstone. Also, you can only receive gnome goggles and gnome scarfs from Captain Daerkin and Captain Ninto. The fact that you can receive a snake charm from Wingstone could also be added. Thanks :D [pokemama edit: wow, this is the first time I've heard that! There were rumours when the game was released, but no reliable data since the scarf drop is so rare. I'd love to get some confirmations on this from other people who have played it a lot.] [serpentEye edit: Due to a recent update, more gnomes reward you with mint cakes now, and in larger quantities (8-10 generally). I'm not sure if more gnomes can reward you with goggles or scarves, however, or if it's limited to just Daerkin and Ninto.]
  7. I got 5k pots of flour in about a week. So not too bad considering i just put it in and left it. No real time spent when buying from the GE other than the making of them as you can do other things while they buy.
  8. Buy 1k rune skirts a day for 2k under mid and sell for 1k over mid. Enjoy.
  9. A lot of people who merchant/trade rares use this method. A few extremely wealthy people totally buy out an item to use it as junk for hundreds of millions. My friend told me about this, it happens a lot with seeds and stuff. Generally the items don't affect the average player so it is better than merchanting clans.
  10. Make it like the old black hole. You can visit it and then return when you use an item, like the circus with tearing tickets. After a certain amount of time you would be taken back anyway. Give people the chance to see it :P
  11. I have to say that i would rather play the RS shown in http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/1606/mapbo.jpg than the current one though. I would miss things like Castle Wars and Barrows, perhaps a few other things... But the game was more fun. Much more player interaction, a nicer community and the game was simple. It wasn't all about racing to 500m and 99 skills, that anyone could do in a few months now. The only quick money makers were skills and PKing. E.g. Fletching, alching, mining etc...
  12. Massive image, so ... [hide][/hide] Image of the old RS. Thought i would post it here as it may spark quite a few memories/discussions of updates etc... The thing that strikes me the most is the lack of KQ lair. I remember when it was just the KBD, much more fun... Also, the layout of Varrock. Much, much better.
  13. Gudi

    Holiday Events

    I didn't have to earn my yo-yo, and it is easily my favourite holiday item.
  14. Face the facts. Tip.it is most likely the creator of 95% of the idiotic morons who play Runescape. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a dig at Tip.It... But the decent quality guides and information on anything/everything Runescape related makes the game easy for anyone who can use Google. Which in some cases would reduce the chance of people quitting because the game is too much of a challenge, or at least gaining a decent level without being excessively poor with low quest points.
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