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  1. Nah, you now get to kill a King Red Dragon ;) by dropping a ton of crap onto it by using fire. so yeh, back to the original topic...
  2. since the new tutorial has been added, the old school, good ol' tutorial island has been deserted and at present un-usable. Has anyone got any good ideas or clue on what to do with it? it has so much potential and has served runescape well for many years.
  3. just thought it would be fun for player owned sailing boat.....
  4. banking you say?! ha well i have a plan for that ;) are sailing boats not equiped to hold massess of fish untill they dock? ;) just put the fish in a large crate on your boat and bank them when you have loads? and the long animations? well make sailing just as if you were walking?
  5. just to go to your own boat at port sarim, get in ( possibly invite a friend ) and off you pop to the ocean somewhere with some if your own gear?
  6. fishing seems to be, a little unrealistic in runescape. i mean. yeh sure you can fish sardines and anchovies at the waterside with a net? but not sharks and swordfish with harpoons? therefore i suggest. A player owned fishing boat, you can go where you like through the runescape seas, gear up your boat with bigger and better accesories and choose a port to dock it at? swordfish and sharks wouldnt just hang around waterside docks. they would be out in deep, far oceans. A variety of boats for varied fishing levels. Boats get better as you get a higher fishing level, able to be bought at g.e? or possibly even player made, to add to the construction side of things. feed back what you think?
  7. (non trolling) ive been looking at how high lvled player are fed up with no new high level skills well, how about a special skill availble for achieving level 99? aswell as the emotion. examples: stregnth 99: able to hold a 2h sword in one hand defence 99: 'tank' ability no damage to you for 10 seconds agility 99: extra 50 run energy mining 99: 2 ores in one rock :!: please come through with what you think this could add more thrill and more potential to the game, with people trying harder for the 99 \
  8. u dont even know the meaning of respect you fail -.- really annoying people cant give ideas a chance instead of critising everything hey can middle eastern can bring so much to runescape.
  9. Then: A) Take the time to spell correctly and use at least some punctuation. B) Actually describe what you want other than what it "cud be" or "someting alike that". C) Show us these drawings of yours. D) Stop trolling. ffs these arent rules of conduct, this is a forum not a script writers dinner party, noob.
  10. no, like tropical jungle, not like the current runescape jungles, bamboo jungles etc. also pandas cpuld be introduced not to mention a new p2p pet panda!
  11. yes exactly. new players, players from what part of the world? middle east..... 8-) \ :
  12. a kind of small island? middle eastern? new quests here and possible mini game, shops and things. god have you heard of brainstorms noob? one thing leads to another? development? are you brain dead?
  13. it could also lead to new quests and more weapon development and minigames possibly a whole new area of runecape... :roll: :mrgreen: :ohnoes: \
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