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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. ok ta but wots fastest way to do rc t lvl 50 from 32?
  3. ok wheres the great orb project on f2p and doe sit need any levels as do not know where it is.
  4. lychien


    does anyone know what the best way is to level from 35 - 40 and fastest and cheapest
  5. lychien


    i mean for a f2p person ??
  6. lychien


    wheres is the best range training place?
  7. btw how do ppl get stuff like tht with their lvls on coz i might do it?
  8. is the ladder in the mining guild only for p2p or for both f2p and p2p
  9. I am not trolling and i cant show them because i dont have a scanner if i did i would show you them but i am sorry, but with these new ideas it could help runescape with new things e.g weapons, armour, places, quests, maybe even a new skill
  10. yh i mean some from middle eastern and also could have something else like a samauri sword soz if it unclear. it depends wot wud be best for the game and with the new stuff it would bring ppl back to the game that have quit playing it, or even atract new players
  11. the simmitar is an old type of weapon the new weapon cud be a 2h one to go wid the 2h sword and it was well thought out i have design and it all drawn out
  12. wot there shud be is something different to wot our characters look like becaus they look like knights soooooooo why dont we add something new like a middle eastern theme like a samauri sword or there armour which would look better then plain plate armour :thumbsup: the sword cud be like an upgrade to the dragon and need level 70 att for it or someting alike that add your suggestions as u please P.S we are not trolling these are serious suggestions
  13. and no we are not trolling we thought it might spice up the game a bit
  14. also we want t have there weapons btw these idea are from me (lychien),Nazgul466, and Chubbsss 3 and we are hoping it wud be for every 1 not just members
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