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    I had no idea you had a tif account XD

  2. I am f2p, but I think f2p is fine as it is. Of course I like new features in f2p, but no reason to demand anything. It's not like we don't have anything to do. And f2p doesn't pay more than p2p with adds. In addition Jagex said, that they hardly can have f2p running with the adds. But they must have enough money throwing away MechScape just like that. One thing I'd like that f2p got is a world where we don't have to be bothered by the constant spamming by noobs and newbies.. Ever tried to go to the danish w120(if you understand danish) at Grand Exchange? I was shocked how everyone was arguing, swearing, asking for net-boy-and-girlfriends and asking for personal info, like where do you live, and do you wanna f*** next weekend? Just some examples... Which is why I stay to w61, which is probably the most pro f2p world, if not w85 is as good. And as f2p get a new skill next year I see no reason to ask for more in f2p. We simply have enough and now we get even more. And we lost wildernes.. Yes.. But it didn't really matter, as we got bh and pvp worlds, clan wars, duel arena and high-lvled monsters(revenants). Now we also got hellhounds. That's great, but their drops are sad.. So if we want drops we kill greater demons :P.
  3. All those people saying he wastes your time.. I just wondered. Didn't you click this topic yourself? And those noob-calling people also annoys me. Not because of the word noob. But because of their lack of humanity and humor. What's fun about that.. And now I expect 10 ppl calling me noob, 5 saying I'm stupid and 2 saying they don't understand what I say.. Idc about being called a noob actually. I care about the person saying I'm a noob. They have no life though... And.. It's mostly p2p that annoys me about this fact.. Saying I'm a noob because I don't get p2p because I own them hard(a lot of them :P :P)
  4. The skill capes have been told to be f2p during 2009 or maybe early 2010. And at that time I'm gonna get my capes :D :D
  5. I don't know if this had been said, and I'm not going to read 97 posts.. But.. The "planners" doesn't work at all for me And I often have to type in my name and press the "Grab" button twice before it appears.
  6. Got 24k str xp this way in 1 hour. I have 61 attack, 64 str and 54 def using rune scimmy and str ammy and full rune!
  7. I just wondered about an idea. If you are at the spot with zombies, why not just run from the first spot to the other if they get unaggresive? I will use that :)
  8. Lol, you need 20 combat for pvp. But I believe you should get at least 40-55 combat for str pures to get a good one. 83 str and 80 ranged at 59 combat(78 hp) no other skills except maybe 40 magic.. That's a good combination. pray 1, def 1, etc etc. Or go for the max? 99 str, 99 ranged, 93 hp?? and 71 combat, all others 1 But I am a combat nub still, those are just the stats I get killed by on my pkers :P
  9. There is something you are forgetting. One time a member means you can't join a f2p only clan. Sorry. Anyways, try looking at goldskillers, which is a friendly clan with alot events. We are a f2p/p2p based clan with about 40 active members. We have from lvl 3 to 100+ cb, but its just an opportunity to you. :) Good luck finding a clan, if Gs are'nt for you :) http://goldskillers.freeforums.org/index.php
  10. Its had to say.. If you have over 25k in f2p o over 75k in p2p you can actually get anything. There are a pvp-trick, where ppl hit on each other with bad weapons such as bronze daggers. The longer the fight is, the better drops. A friend got a 25m drop from the trick in members. My self I made it once, and got rune zerker, rune kite(weird, 2 shields :P) and rune scimmy. Decent drops. But it work way better in p2p. So you can make money, but the old was more intense and funny. Just my opinion.
  11. I thought of this while trying to sell 2m willow logs, and I realised with so many friends(irl and good friends only. Not room for others...), I could'nt really add other players that maybe wanted to buy my willow logs. So I decided to use my secondary account called Kratmuz(also f2p), and asked people about if I could trade them. But as a few people only is online a little time I need to be on the othe account alot, and I could'nt train my main.. Soo, in addition I would be happy if Jagex made another chat called "Temporarely Contact List" (maybe TCL or vice versa). In this list you could have many options. An option to remove all people on the list, or set a player to be removed from the list in(just random) 24 hours, so if he have'nt been online in this time, it seems he ain't interested anymore. If you have space on your friends list, you can add them, but when the annoying "You have allready used your 100 free spaces......." message appears, you wish this chat was made. Now please don't flame me as being noobish, as in the past 2 threads I read. Don't go and lose your own self-respect(and other players respect) by making such childish and idiotic messages please. Yet again, as I am f2p, I'll be happy if someone posted this suggestion on rsof(if it ain't against the rsof rules. I don't have any knowledge about these. If it is against the rules, ignore this part)
  12. In my eyes, this seems like a big bunch of wasted time thrown out through the window. However, Runescape does'nt mean this much to me, but it maybe does to you. Fine, not in my interest. But I see you have a very good text in there =D> (Maybe the new J.K. Rowling:P) Anyways, good luck making that guy revive his message, and make Timmy look like the victim. Also, I see we got the same thoughts about the case, but I seem too lazy and too busy to write such a good letter :)
  13. But "Thru" is still not gramatically correct(Don't do my grammer atm, as I won't do it better, as I just had english test.. :P) But you are right. It is slang, and nobody can correct it, other than themselves. Anyways, calling other childish is childish(and of what I said I am childish.. No, I just stated my opinion about the picker, as they are the [beep])
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