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  1. Thanks Harrington. I saw some of the anti-RWT updates, I just hope they're not permanent. I would just read the archives, but like I said in the original post, I'm not really interested in every quest.
  2. Yeah, but kebabs are kind of a risk. You never know how much they'll heal you for sure. I'd say take 10 kebabs and fill the rest of your inventory with anchovy pizzas or swordies.
  3. Because I don't usually get around to updates until at least a week after they came out, the speed at which Tip.it produces guides is fine; I put very efficient. The only thing that Tip.it doesn't have (that I go somewhere else to use) is a market price guide, updated constantly as the prices on the forums change. That would make Tip.it the best RS help site anywhere, IMO.
  4. I support, particularly the option to switch it on and off. The reason: my laptop uses 1600*1200 resolution. I can hardly see anything in RS when the laptop's not docked and plugged into my normal monitor (1280*1024 I think). And for people with 800*600 or lower resolution, it's already full screen. Good idea!
  5. Exactly, most people prefer speed over accuracy, so they choose scimmy (or in this case, rapid).
  6. Since you've got 40 already, why not try the agility arena and see if you like it? Take some cakes down there and have fun. I find it to be quick exp and it's not repetitive like the other agility courses.
  7. Sara d'hide gives a prayer bonus, I think other stats are the same. In d'hide, no; for ranged armour, I think Karil's gives better bonuses. But I could be wrong.
  8. What kind of pure? Some ppl go with range/2h pure, others (myself included) think mage is overpowered when it determines your cb lvl. Since it appears you're going to be maging, first you have to decide whether you want any hp exp or not. If not, get just enough mage exp to cast curse, then buy a bunch of death runes and lvl mage that way. It appears, though, that you don't mind getting hp exp. In that case, just lvl mage through whatever method appeals to you most. You're gonna need a high mage lvl, not to mention some method of beating DT. Good luck!
  9. Nope, just Bandos and Armadyl guys will attack you.
  10. Smithing would be my suggestion, you can make some money doing that too if you don't mind the slow exp. Just do whatever is fun at the time, you could also go see if you can beat the Varrock achievement diary or go play minigames. But yeah, smithing and firemaking would be what I would work on.
  11. Oh, you're right, I was thinking of the ferrets. Don't catch the feldip weasels, you get faster exp with birds of any kind. If you want to track, you have to be wielding a noose wand; then check a burrow and follow the tracks. When they stop, shake all the bushes around where they stopped. Eventually, you'll catch the animal.
  12. You need a box trap to catch weasels. Of course, there are other prerequisites before you can catch them. 1. Hunter lvl 27 (I think) 2. Beaten "Eagle's Peak" quest Once you do those, go set up a box trap or two in the middle of the weasels, to the NW of the mountain in the woodlands.
  13. 99 prayer saving about 20m, spend the rest on smithing then construction, I've got no idea how expensive those are so I can't say for sure.
  14. An excellent article! I would be interested to know the Editor's score on the essay part of the SAT (if the Editor has taken it). That article is one of the best I've ever read. I especially liked the link back to RL at the end 8-)
  15. I have several reasons why this is a bad topic and should be locked: 1. Grammar - it's horrible! We shouldn't have to decipher what you're trying to say in order to read something. If you think your idea is good enough to suggest to the community, you better be darn sure of the spelling of most of the words! 2. In f2p, the only places you can keep your stuff are your inventory and your bank. In p2p you have inventory, bank, costume room, etc. 3. P2p has a lot more junk items than f2p, and a lot of those items are never recognized as junk. For example, if you have a bookshelf in your POH, you can throw away any books you have in your bank, b/c they're all stored on the bookshelf. Most quest items can be dropped, b/c if you need them again for a later quest, there's always a way to go back and get them again. 4. Did I mention grammar? If you're having this much trouble finding free space in your bank, pm me a bank pic and I'll tell you what to get rid of.
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