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  1. It's the end of an era. I had thought this time would come later on, when I got married, perhaps. It's happening this month. I canceled my subscription to RuneScape. The game doesn't draw me to play anymore. The updates seem geared to things that I don't care for at all. There is another game that takes up all my time. The $5 a month fee doesn't seem low enough for me to pay without having played in the last month. $60 a year is actually too expensive for me, considering I might not play for months at a time. Will I regret it? Maybe, but the option always exists for me to purchase cards at a local store if I think I need an RS fix. It was my first MMORPG. This site was the first place I came across (well, maybe Sal's was) to find information about my new obsession. It's actually been visited more often in the last 30 days than I have the actual RS site. I'll always be thankful for Jagex feeding me a distraction over the past two years or so. I learned how petty some people can be and how gracious others were. I learned that working on a website doesn't mean you'll see a smaller percentage of the former, but you'll actually meet rather less of the latter. I learned that putting all your time into a game doesn't mean much when you can't really see any fruitful work at the end. I'm moving things around to be able to enjoy myself in F2P, but I can't imagine that I'll play much if at all. I'd give things away if I had any real reason to do so. I'd actually rather "take it with me" and deprive the rest of RuneScape's newer players from that which I have. In that case, I'll be going for gold in these last few days, selling off things I can't use and trying to make space for stuff I'd like to have in the event that I do want to play here and there without a subscription. I doubt that would be the case, especially considering the lack of options for skill players in F2P. There are options, to be sure, but none of the ones that make playing worthwhile. So that's it, I suppose. No one will be crying or missing me, of that I am certain. I imagine that if RuneScape changes their ways and goes back to quest content, I'll consider coming back. If not, then this will indeed be my final post! Good luck RuneScapers and Tipiters!
  2. And from Facebook: Isn't the second one what already appears in the game as "dolmens" or stone tables?
  3. I could be wrong, but didn't something appear on the forums from a J-Mod about this being a melee preferred thing? I quote from the FAQ (Quick find code: 15-16-417-61761843): So...yeah. No guide on here should recommend ranging or maging. If you had to be ridiculously high to do it, it wouldn't make much sense to put it in a guide. Those players with ridiculously high stats wouldn't be the ones that the guide was aimed at in the first place.
  4. In all honesty, I play War of Legends more than RuneScape. I'm just about through with both.
  5. Maybe, but that was nice of him/her, was it not?
  6. Is it possible that you had done an additional run in there? I've read that there are 192 monsters in the caves and the guide I saw said wave 34, not 31. I counted 104 monsters after that wave, but I am terrible at math. Before that must be 88 monsters. 192 plus 88 is 280...but that's assuming you don't kill any of his adds that spawn, I would assume. I think the guide is right.
  7. Are you killing them in the same area or all over the Meyerditch? Would that make a difference? Maybe all the spawns in a certain area (like on the west side of the mountains just southeast of Burgh de Rott) are the same colors. Just a thought....
  8. Maybe it's not even a bug, but the way you're supposed to proceed...especially if the "required" level is that far above 99. It could be that the developers reasoned that players would have to figure that part into the puzzle.
  9. Nowhere in that description does it state any thing about a boost beyond your level. I don't see where your problem is. Oh, and yes this is the correct place for corrections. While it is true that the OP misunderstood the way it was written, I would say it could be improved.
  10. He's not talking about replanting...just normally chopping until the "resource" runs out and you're left with the stump, which you have to dig up if you want to replant. It's nothing that most players don't already realize, but it's a tip this player has found works for him or her.
  11. I don't really mind honestly. Remember that they said in the Dev blog that they were trying to complete the solo dungeon saves in time for this update; so we can only assume it isn't quite ready yet. Personally I don't mind another week for me to save up tokens for the ring update. Me either. I'm simply griping at their misdirection about the update being planned instead of saying it's being pushed back a week. Well, a different Mod than usual made the post. Perhaps thinking it best to cover instead of Mod Em's usual forthrightness...might have been a poor choice of wording rather than a company approved decision.
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