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  1. Like some1 else allready explained lockerz a few posts earlier, there is no need for me to explain it once more. Basicly, you get paid in points to watch video's and answer daily questions and with those points, you can buy cool stuff like ipad's and PS3's etc.. A friend of mine showed me his ipod last week, and there is lots of proof on youtube, so i guess it really works. Anyway, i got a few invites left before i get my t-shirt, so if anyone needs an invite for lockerz, just send me a pm with your email adress. Grtz, Spoi
  2. indeed, that is what i meant, just stretch the game a bit i'm playing on a 17" widescreen laptop with a 1920*1200 resolution and my runescape window is like only 5" from corner to corner :s
  3. Just gonna put here what i posted on rs forums: if you agree, support here: Quick find code: 24-25-73-51611461
  4. well i really like it, especially cause he wrote the lyrics, played the guitare and sung it himself. I think he's got the skill to become a pro
  5. "I'm Powerful" A cool song about runescape , based on the song "You're Beautiful..." by James Blunt Lyrics and music sung and played by Algorhythmz. He'd love to hear everybody's comments , you can send him an email at: [email protected] or click here to leave a post in the guestbook Click here to visit the page where you can download his song please let him know
  6. How many of you dislike the massive flood of warnings before going into the desert over and over again? I'm sure many will agree that it's kinda annoying if you have allready read that text like 50 times and you have to go through that entire routine all the time. Most people just click on the "click here to continue" button like crazy... Therefor why not change it like they did with the wildernis lever in ardounge? So you can choose the option "never show this warning again" and so you can just right-click to hand over your shantay pass to the guard and simply walk through. Help me get jagex to change this so we can own the kq faster =) support my thread on the official rs forums -> Quick find code: 24-25-324-23725958
  7. realy nice idea add Spoiboy to the list -=[TBC]=- supports your idea!
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