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  1. I'm afraid I've just about quit. I renewed my membership for 3 months for the summer, but now I don't even see the point. Mostly been playing xbox 360 and making videos on youtube. My youtube account is dangitwork, and my xbox gamertag is Pacific Penguin Feel free to add me in either of these places Until next time.... I'll see you all when I see you.
  2. In Runescape, "orcs" are called "orks" minor thing there.
  3. After getting that 3rd age, I haven't wanted to play much as of late. But I also still "owe" myself 40M, so I only log on for farming runs (toadflax and snapdragons :D) I've made about 5M now, so it's good progress. But this is a busy time of year, what with exams and whatnot, so I might not log on at all. Either way, over the summer I'll definitely make 35M and finish up some goals :
  4. One minor thing about Tug of War that bugged me: Kree'arra is in fact male, not female. Do your research :P : http://www.runescape.com/kbase/viewarticle.ws?article_id=11
  5. for the digsite quest, once you get all 3 of the exams done, it's not required to show the exams to the curator to continue with the quest. So this line isn't needed:
  6. They're absurd, and honestly, completely hilarious. Why would anyone care that someone is wasting their time rioting in a video game? I see why riots in the real world make sense, but in a mmo, it amounts to very little.
  7. O snap, mebera r back. Hilarious pic below for old times :D : Good luck with your goals :)
  8. Right, those levels. Been not too busy, but still getting things done :)
  9. I've bumped into you a lot, so I figured I'd post :) Gratz on the levels, and good luck with the rest of your goals. Btw your font is freaking huge. That's not a bad thing, just startled me a little :P Have fun!
  10. I'll buy it Gremmy! Back to the sbuject, the GE offer for 3a range bottom went through! I did it, I got it back :D : : Here it is! :D That's all for now, I'll post some level pictures some other time. Oh, and goal complete. Now to buy back 92 con.
  11. Some of the guild pictures in the guild guide were starting to get a bit out of date, so I made some new ones for them. Here they are. Legends: Champions: Fishing: Mage's: Monastery:
  12. Kota? Skill? XD But you're too busy telling stories :P In all seriousness though, good luck. Maybe I won't invade you with penguins now. Keep it up :
  13. Made crapload this week, and now I have an offer in for the third age range legs :D (Too bad I "owe" myself 40M now, with my 92 con sold :'( )
  14. More cabbage armor! Though that rickroll idea would be much funnier :D
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