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  1. Happy birthday Dork!

  2. Happy birthday to you :D

  3. Dork

    Handmade Journal

    Amazing as always :)
  4. Happy Birthday :D!

  5. This is soooo nice :D I looove the butterflies, they're so cute :D Nice to see you finish something, too ;) :lol:
  6. Where are yooooooou?

  7. 2,000 vieeeews :o

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. You should really add the scarring/extra detail to the claw, it's so good so far and owuld be even better with those couple of things added :) Gotsta stop giving up when you're almost done :) /me pokes black and white girl
  10. Dork

    Muse... Be My Muse

    It must have looked [bleep]ing amazing in your head because for you to not be happy with how good it already is, is insane :) Seriously. So good. :)
  11. Dork

    Happy Halloween

    About time you posted this :) Everything about it is sooo good, the dress is amazing :| I miss Willow :( :oops:
  12. Dork

    Realism Is Win

    Wow that's amazing o.o Definately the best realistic person I've seen you draw. :)
  13. It's also possible to win the lottery. Doesn't mean it happens often. And to everyone saying that they basically leave them at the altar, I don't believe that for a second. If you're marrying them, you've obviously spent (most likely) a few years with them and you're ready to spend the rest of your life together. I don't doubt that you would be mad, but I don't think you would be this cruel to someone you completely and totally love. I agree to a certain extent, I don't think it would be as simple as just leaving the person I was about to marry. To marry someone I would have to feel as though I didn't want to live for a moment without them anyway, and would be happy to live a shortened life with them than a full life without them. But then again having that forced on you by someone you love wouldn't exactly be comforting, not to mention the amount of trust issues that it would cause. So really, I have no idea what I would do, lol, but I know it wouldn't be as simple as just leaving them.
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