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  1. you want stop them and never will.. the fact you think war is over terorism shows you how good propoganda is these days.
  2. just say: can you affor this book, seriously dont get all hugh and mighty with me, your a check out guy. Then walk away before he can say something like this is my part time job because im at uni, or w/e, it still guna leave a sting, espically if there other people waiting to pay :roll:
  3. pessimistic, my life, your life, everybodys life is ultimetley pointless, we dont live long enough to worry, do what you want when you want. i think my view point on life is this: aim low, reach your goals, avoid dissapointment :thumbsup: naa seriously i want to be optimistic, only look at the good, you know aim high, and even if you dont make it, your still a long way up. That is what i want to think.. but my life never seems to work that way.. oo joy now im depressed :( im guna go get some chocolate
  4. you offically have no imagination \ what attracted you to this over say an audi A4, or merced c class, or form mondeo, or even a jag! (the wheels on a 325i look so small!!)
  5. fat_hobbit22

    Public Nudity

    meh i dont see why everybody is naked :-s, i mean im not embaresed or anything ive got what ive got, i accept it. But i am not a nudist and never will be one, unlike me there are poeple who will judge and stare. But ye i have no problem with people like that, except im never guna be one. Also anothe rreason why itll never work, what happens when a guy.. erm how shall i put it... get a bit... excited... how embaresing, and what would u do if u were talking to someone and then u look down and ur just like omg... :shock:
  6. im not old enough to drive but my dad owns an Audi S4 and my mum owns a for focous lol theres like a $40,000 difference in them :-# meh i love my dads car and the number plate (XPO1), 4.2 v8 goes so fast, got caught speedin a month ago, undercover police car, apparently they were doin 120mph and wernt catchin him up, so they agged him at 120 when he slowed down, still waiting for the court summoning but im guessing its going to be month ban. my dad got the chip updated on it to give it i think an extra 30 bhp more than standard, and he got the ship unlimited, on the rolling road it did 205 mph, but i duno about in real life because of wind resistance and stuff :S pretty good for an avant \
  7. no.1 you are obviously older than a teenager no.2 ild love to see what you wear no.3 it is more comfortable to wear slightly bagier pants. (not execivley baggy like bellow ur [wagon] though) i personally wear them inbetween, no below my [wagon] and no one can see my boxers -.- but i do not wear them tight, basically if i bend over ull see my boxers hangin out, and i tend not to run too quickly now a days :-$ but that being said, it is a fashion statment, and i find it more comfortable that way anyway, and i have spoken too mnay girls about it, they find it more attractive than tight pants, but dont like trousers hanging so low u can actually see there [wagon]. But then that is in my age group (15 - 18), i think youll find that it varies from age group \ what have we learned today? People have different views on fashion =D> arent we clever... just face it, i laugh at the way you dress, you laugh at the way i dress. Its a different culture and society, you cant change it, just go with which one you like Do you "bag"? if so why? If you are a girl, do you think baggy pants with the hiney showing is cool or attractive on a guy? if so why, if not why? partailly, its more comfortable and the fashion girls i know do like it.
  8. y so sad/ moody/ depressed w/e? i usually just smile and move on... i must have a sad face i guess :-s :-$
  9. anybody who thinks their life is more meaningful that anyone elses, or people who think that they are better than someone else. They generaly know very quickly that they are not my favourite type of person.
  10. let me pu it like this i have a few thing i wont tell my friends and family, so if i wont tell them, what makes you think im guna publish it for everyone to see on the internet...
  11. dude get over it! it is something that is acceptable because the fact it its not ur age thats the problem its your lack of it, you are not as mature as older people... fact i can explain the science behind it but it takes to long, and you havent had the experience as older people. Your not going through anything different, everyone older than you has gone through it. Accept it, your not mature enough yet.
  12. dude no one mean gcse's are hard... we are all expected to get flat a's and a*'s thats why were stressing. we need to be basically perfect, thats why is stresful. getting a c is a pil;e of piss. with my coursework alone i hace got a grad c in dt, and that whithout sitting the exam =;
  13. it was with the headmaster... i couldnt really say no because then i would have no school to go to #-o
  14. satarday morning for 3 hours reason shirt being untucked :wall:
  15. just finished my rs exam about 3 hours ago... was a piece of piss, its just whther i got down all of the dam quotes or not. 1 question which pissed me off though: i think it was 5c why are families important to christians... i was just like wtf! i wrote some garbage about catholics say marrage is all about family, stuff about contraception and no sex beofre marrige. i couldn't think of any quotes from the bible though... anyways im sure i did fine english lit on tuesday :anxious:
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