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  1. I actually remember seeing this here a looong time ago. : Looks good, wish I could do that.
  2. Anyone else play LOTRO? Right now you can play 10 days for free, all you have to do is go to www.LOTRO.com My char: Zado - lvl 35 Tinker Brandywine Server Zadros - lvl 18 Historian Brandywine Server
  3. I'm taking an introductory Computer Science class using C++, but it's going really slow. I sit in class for 4 hours, learning what seems to be incredibly little, I scored perfectly on my last 2 assignments and got an 18/20 on the first exam (The professor says his tests are harder than most). Most of the time I understand all the semantics and concepts immediately as they're introduced, and browse the web the rest of the time. Also, this is an introductory course to comp.science so I won't learn C++ fully in it anyways. I have Programming and Problem Solving with C++, Fifth Edition -Nell Dale , but apart from it being a pretty good to reference every now and then, it's difficult to learn from it. Does anyone know of a site that teaches the code in a hands-on as-you-go format? edit: Also, I have Visual Studio 2008, full edition, came free with the class.
  4. Haven't posted or been here in a year it seems. Anyways, I'm bored and need something to do. I want to make new desktop icons but am idea-dry. If you have any requests I'll make a 256x256 .png file and convert it into a .ico for you. I have PhotoshopCS4 among other editing software, along with me being pretty savvy at using them. Be as specific as you can in your request, maybe include a product website if it's for a program I might not have heard about. If your only looking for conversion, upload a .png file to: http://www.convertico.com/ (A 256x256 file will give best quality)
  5. you never got over 100k points in one game? my highest is 102k after the +10% win bonus. i got 2 level 4 fishings to myself with a creator in the middle. Nope =p I can only make/obtain class 4 stuff, my fishing level is only 64 and mining 60, hunter 71 and wc 75, so I can only go really fast if I get swarms/trees. Anyways, I enjoy just going for all volatile tools now.
  6. (sorry, accidental jpg) This minigame has caused my return to runescape. Over 1Million points earned so far. =D Now that I'm only collecting tools I make myself Class 4 leather + arrows and food and just pk for the fun of it.
  7. Your point has nothing to do with the human body. It's not necessarily naturalism, it's what your body was made for. Having guns, slaughterhouses, or a 6.6billion population is not a logical reason to try and change what your body needs. Most of us eat the vegatables anyway, so we get what the body needs, and just because the meat isn't "natural" doesn't make it bad for us, so theres nothing wrong with eating it. You seem to be thinking we only eat meat.... And also, the arguement of we not being real meat eaters because we cook it.... Then you go eat your vegtables straight out of the ground, without boiling or cleaning them. Tbh both of them taste better cooked, which is why we cook them (and of course kills the bacteria and stuff). I don't see how cooking our food makes us vegaterians, lol. Have you tried cooked broccoli or carrots, they're disgusting. =p Just kidding. If the soil is okay nothing would happen to you from eating dirt, just now with pesticides and fertilizers that it's dangerous. There's a difference between bad taste (veg with dirt) and dieing from eating food raw (meat) And for the guy who asked for the source of the chart, it's all just bits of physical anatomy, nothing is out of the ordinary or unbelievable. If you disagree with it that much look up everything yourself. EDIT: By the way, to the guy who keeps talking about benching, even though it's a completely invalid point I will respond. I can now bench my own weight (125lbs) and 3 months before when I first started my str&conditioning class I only had a 105 max, diet does not add muscle, it's just the effort and training. My history teacher is 6"8' and 340 pounds, in college he was an 8-year vegetarian, 6"9' and 320 pounds and could bench over his own weight, now he has a beer belly after he quit his vegetarian diet.
  8. Your point has nothing to do with the human body. It's not necessarily naturalism, it's what your body was made for. Having guns, slaughterhouses, or a 6.6billion population is not a logical reason to try and change what your body needs.
  9. I know a few months back in the thread there was the argument about vegetarianism being natural, well here's a picture to gander at, everyone pays attention to pictures. -Still Vegetarian, 1 year 9 months
  10. "Religion is accustomed to getting a free ride - automatic tax breaks, unearned respect and the right not to be offended, the right to brainwash children." "This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think - and thinking is anathema to religion" -Professor Richard Dawkins This is why I love Dawkins. Edit: "Bendy-buses, like atheism, are a danger to the public at large." -Stephen Greene. Is he trying to say bendy-buses are a danger to the public?
  11. "Got" is not a word, learn English, you are your own cancer. Yes, I am aware this relates minimally to the topic of in-your-end-o.
  12. peculiar... :? I haven't actually seen any ads yet though.
  13. Amelia and dinosaurs. Sweet. That would suck to die the day before the world ends and everyone else dies though, wouldn't you feel so gypped?
  14. Sweet, in hopes of the world ending I won't do any homework this week. I doubt that a black hole powerful enough will be made, perhaps several smaller ones but nothing that hasn't happened on Earth before. If we do all die, that would have to be the most epic way to go, who else in the history of the world has died from a black hole?
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