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  1. What Sbrideau said, though I'd recommend Greasemonkey and Youtube HD Suite as being an overall better option. Also Hi T&C, it's been a while.
  2. All reasonable offers for someone who plays casually. Hit me :)
  3. Can't and no, it is the backup disk to what's on my laptop. I can deal with losing it but it will be a real pain, not everything on it is on my laptop. It would be easiest to format only in that it would require least effort.
  4. Sup TIF, it's been a while. My external HDD has somehow gone from NTFS to RAW filetype, and I'd rather like to avoid formatting it. Disk management says it's healthy, so I suspect something has just gotten corrupted and so in theory I should be able to recover stuff; but I can't find a clear answer on it. Any suggestions to what I can do? Many thanks :)
  5. Been playing the free weekend of Monday Night Combat which I then bought with some friends as part of the 4 pack. It's good, sort of TF2 meets tower defence, with some elements seemingly borrowed from Unreal Tournament.
  6. I've been using the Beta (now RC) of Fx 4 for a while now. Main reason being because of NoScript and Greasemonkey. For those who are still on about speed, I've not noticed any difference in speed between the latest versions of Fx, Chrome, and Opera.
  7. British English (From the South). 1. Jumper 2. Roundabout 3. Indicators 4. Boot 5. Crackers 6. Shopping centre 7. Flat 8. Mudflap. If it's on a bike, it's a mudguard. 9. No idea, picture won't load for me. By the link I'm guessing it's tarmac or something like that. 10. Lift 11. Sweets 12. Ice lolly. 13. Can Coke/Lemonade/Whatever fizzy drink. There's not really an equivalent of 'soda' as a general word as far as I know. Fizzy drink maybe, but it's not really used in the same context. 14. Bin. 15. Porch/decking. 16. Nappy 17. Torch 18. Football/Goal. 19. Prison 20. Tracksuit/Trackies.
  8. I found my laptop runs Alpha/Beta much better than Classic. It would struggle at full render distance on Classic while on Beta it gets a comfortable 100+FPS. Regot Oblivion over Christmas. Still haven't had time to play it much due to being so busy generally :s
  9. Yeah they can. It's the Horrific Headsplitter, which was released with the last halloween update, and can be worn on all classes.
  10. Tower is pretty much complete now. Took ages to get all the lava in :<
  11. Happy birthday :D

  12. Dell Studio 17 with Win 7 HP 64bit 17.3" Screen @ 1600 x 900 2.4-2.93Ghz Core i5 4GB RAM ATI 5650 1GB Graphics 500GB HDD DVD burner, webcam, etc Despite all the hate for Dell on these boards, I've not had any problems with it. Imo it's a great buy, considering I got it for £200 off the original price.
  13. C418 ^_^ http://c418.org/music For anyone who likes ambient electronic music
  14. Dracion1

    Your Battle Anthem

    If I had to give a serious answer, any song from the soundtrack of the Red Alert games: But, in the spirit of the game: Ok...:P
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