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  1. Best blog on tif the internet, it's actually the only one I'll try to regularly read.
  2. Hello everyone, I tried to load up the game today after ~6 weeks and when I clicked 'Play now' the "http://www.runescape.com/game.ws?j=1" says that it can't be loaded. Is the game just down at the moment (unlikely from the lack of rage in GD), so how do I load the game? EDIT:Upon further investigation it seems that pressing the back button after the page won't load brings up the back background, the advertisement and the toolbar above the game (home, buy members, search) Does anyone know how to fix this?, i've updated java, but that didn't seem to do anything.
  3. I'm so dissapointed in myself after looking at that solution, I was able to find and do everything apart from getting the grid turning in the wrong way so that all the numbers didn't match up. Nice work slaves team
  4. It means that tomorrows riddle won't involve the locating who to show the items to, and that subsequent days will require you to discover whom to show the items to as well as finding the items.
  5. It looks like the '04 (?) promise for the lizardmen finally pulled through, now waiting on the mammoths.
  6. just found this waaaaaaay back on page 2005 how times have changed eh People don't have their settings to display 40 posts per page?
  7. While I prefer headphones (and voted for them) it is very rare for the two pairs that my house owns to be free for use, so I'll usually have to use those apple ones in the piture there.
  8. That was very nice to look through, congratulations on all the return mail and good on those people for giving you the time.
  9. So what's this servey about? Evidentially, 19 y/o Austrlian male MMO gamers aren't allowed to participate.
  10. Unless this comment was aimed at the idea of dropping the ores for power mining, Banking the ores (iron) and buying others (coal) is the same idea as mining the coal and banking it. You lose the option of selling the coal by using it yourself, so it may be easier on the mind (unless you prefer mining one ore over the other) to mine the iron, sell it on the grand exchange and then buy back the coal that you would have mined in the time taken to get the iron.
  11. Perhaps you are carrying items in your inventory that are weighing you down. To cross the bridge you need to have the total weight to be less than 0. This includes items in your pack. You can check your current weight by clicking the equipment button in the equiped items menu (I think it's still there)
  12. Subtle reference. Personally I would care more if all of them didn't start at 2am/4am in the morning.
  13. It could simply be the spring inside wearing out. Somehow when you click it is able to reposition itself so that it works again?
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