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  1. Great guide if u dont mind id like to add a thing or two first: you should turn ur auto-retaliate off so u wont waste time attacking a pker if he comes in addition , u wont attack the spiders if u run to them that way they wont die, the pk wont be able to attack you. and another trick is to send a level 3 scout: open 2 runescape pages log to the same world (get to the page where you put in ur pass and account name) write account of a level 3 and ur rune mining account on the other dont log in yet log in with ur level 3 scout look for pkers if its clear log out ur scout just click on the other RS page and simply click log in (because u already entered ur acc name and pass there) that saves some time and u can know if there is a pker there even though this method takes some time , it can help those who dont wont to encouter pkers at all
  2. Lol, some times I don't sleep at night until my head hits the keyborad. thats sad :shame:
  3. what is the best place for f2p to mine iron and bank? i think varrock west though i've heard that varrock east is better posts please
  4. use a friend to run the fish from barb village to edgville by the time he gets back u will catch about 25 fish again so its very fast then share the fish or something cook them, sell them. that way u fluent fishing exp, some cooking exp and some money (not much trout-7gp salmon-18 or something like this. at general store i mean)
  5. he is just showing a bug in the game thats what this forum is all about i believe that Jagex will want to fix this!
  6. what ever it is just not ashes its already mine
  7. OMG THE NOOB IDEA IS GREAT!!!! if i may i would like to open a post on it it will be sweet to have a noob team 8-)
  8. heralic helmets give extra stats than rune fulls?
  9. raise ur atk to 70 then try pest control and use points on str im just guessing im f2p #-o
  10. thats not true randoms happen mostly when u make a change in ur action like if im ranging lessers and doing the exact same thing (shooting arrows, picking them up, getting back to place) i get like rune med then when ill high alch that , ill get a random for sure i can prove it 2u if u would like just tell me how to make a video of RS where did u wc?
  11. what are they? what they do?
  12. orami

    money making

    thanks, more reponses please
  13. need some advice how to make money, i tried all the methods i know maybe u got some other ideas look at my stats and tell me what should i do exept merchanting, running, yews ill try everything
  14. just make c balls using coal and iron to make steel bars then c balls best profit, u can sell 4 c balls 200ea thats 800ea bar
  15. orami


    where can i buy f2p robes? blue and black robes i think edit: what pants should i wear for extra magic? note that im f2p
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