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  1. Oh, nice. :) I didn't know the events on the team where once a week, I'd for sure have to check it out.
  2. I have almost no knowledge at all of how to run any level 100+ boss monsters in this game. I just started playing again last month and for all the years I've played I've always been really hardcore into PVP. However I'm now really interested in running any kind of boss monster, minus barrows ofc. I think the most experience I have is DKs, and I did that once. I was wondering if anybody was interested and/or had enough patience to kill a few hours sometime helping me run some bosses. Stats are in my signature, currently 118 combat with access to decent weapons/armour although no bandos or chaotics yet im afraid. I have turmoil banked working on 70-95 atm. I also have skype. After I've ran through it with someone I'd be a good investment but the problem is nobody on RSOF or anyone I meet ingame wants to run a group with someone if they don't have experience. most of it is 125+ mass with skills. So send me a PM in game :) Looking forward to it.
  3. So anyway.. On this skill pendant thing. I used all my spins for the week.. didn't try to get any extra bonus ones via quests or ect. And I got one-- out of two p2p accounts and two f2p accounts. And of all it was ranged on an account I have 99 ranged on. Anyone else spin this week and end up with similar/worse results? I personally wasn't effected by this update and in no way did it cause any kind of butthurt feelings regarding anything similar to the debate going on up there ^^lol. I did however find it a somewhat pointless update with the Sizzling Summer xp boosts coming soon. Could have been released earlier/later/not at all in my opinion. Btw Muggi just started reading General Discussion again.. glad to see you've got that same old avatar as back int he day, haha. ^_^
  4. I also just started playing. I was on and off for like two months or so after DG released, and have only gotten to level 50 via lamps and the occasion dungeon. long enough for me to realize I don't like it. However, I'm trying to break 2k skill total and want to train it. So if you'd like to add I'd be more then happy to run when I'm online. Add VanAmeyden
  5. Are you using the full/resizable screen settings? for whatever reason, my alienware m17x can play bf3 and crisis just fine but as soon as i'm on full screen w2 grand exchange, it's game over. :shame:
  6. Oh, I didn't get hacked. I was going off to university and gave my stuff away to a friend. I would get it back but he's currently overseas in Afghanistan and as you could imagine it'd be sort of hard for him to play Runescape. :)) Although I'll have 91 RC tonight, still unsure which would be worth more money, blood runes, deaths or double nats. The prices of things have changed so much!
  7. Not sure if anyone using the forums currently has been around long enough to remember me, I was a pretty active forum user back in the day :@ Just started playing Runescape for the first time in 3 years, empty friends list empty bank, starting from scratch :) always down to chat with some cool people, my private chat is always open.
  8. Which they also increased the spawn time of, so wouldn't the change be almost unnoticeable? When I lurked the wildy the first week after the update the amount of rocks I seen full was ridiculous, I wish I had brought a pick with me.
  9. I was making anywhere between 130k-200k/hr with gold at LRC over level 88-99. Not very accurate but I hope that helps. It's hard to measure cash/hr accurately because I wasn't selling at every hour and some hours where more concentrated then others. Cheers
  10. For the love of God I want them to remove this crippling dmg ratio that determines who gets the kill. I'M BEING PENALIZED FOR BEING TOO PRO AND KILLING PEOPLE TOO FAST. Seriously, just this morning I killed 4 people trying to rush me and someone else got the kill just because they didnt stand a chance and died within 30 seconds. 4 kills even with 0ep and a low DP is still on average like 2m+ in loot I missed out on today. There are many things I enjoy about the new wilderness, but honestly that [cabbage] is whack so it's a gtfo for me. Free trade and wilderness please.
  11. Based on your stats I'd say ranging or melee is viable in P2p really. black d hides archer helm, rune crossbow with dragon E bolts and possibly Morrgs jav's. That's what I use but I'm 99 ranged, I'm not sure how it'd work at your level. I use recoils glory ammy snakeskin boots and zammy book. Also there are alot of people your level same exact stats about who melee just using korasis sword or dds specs, d scimi or whip/godswords in +1. Rune legs/plate and some kind of fremmy/nieznot helm. Defenders, dboots. It's the pretty obvious gear you'd expect.
  12. The red light green light event was rather easy if you've obtained goutweed through that maze before. It seemed to me that there was 2 rotation times and one was faster then the other. Piece of cake :>
  13. Nvm must of been a glitch just retried it and it worked lol
  14. For some people, 250k/hr is ALOT. Especially considering he's less then 60 mining my guess is he doesn't have alot of cash, or the skills required to make large sums of $/hr. That being said, banking iron at the resource dungeon is faster then dropping it for some people, and in F2P that's the best option.
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