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  1. wow, you've improved a lot since i first saw you! keep going and gl, you have awesome patience
  2. The reason(s) Philly will win the game: 1) Eagles have an overall better passing offense than the Giants. 2) Giants are missing Plaxico Burress. 3) Brandon Jacobs isn't 100% 4) Eagles are riding on momentum. Reasons why Giants will win game: 1) Giants have overall better defense. 2) Giants have a 100% healthy Brandon Jacobs who is fully rested and healed (3 weeks rest). Oh and those not too shabby other running backs. 3) Giants have Hixon and Boss, Carney and Feagles, and the now experienced Eli Manning. 4) Eagles are chokers haha (just had to add that one) 5) Giants have home-field advantage (and its the playoffs)
  3. soccer/football or cricket it does help cricket that India has a population of 1.15 B But probably between those two
  4. Distance is key for long runs. What you're doing is too fast and too short. Try 5ish mph, or whatever is hard but not uncomfortable for at LEAST 3 miles, but more if you can. I run anywhere from 3 to 8 miles on a daily basis. Usually, I average around 5. Also use incline, it imitates (somewhat) air resistance and such.
  5. keep it going m8 :thumbup: 9/10 so that next time i can give you a 10 donchaknow
  6. nerd k u play rs k. gf you play rs more..? gf u smell more too. jimmyyy i can't post on your blog lmao :( :thumbup:
  7. I have not played in a while...but who actually buys these items? (other then maybe the weapons)
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