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  1. Hey there, The yearly gameFAQs character battle is under way and Crono is once again battling it out with some heavy hitting opponents. Due to the way the bracket is set up, today's #2 will most likely make it all the way to the finals. Crono is still hanging on to that spot, but the rampant FF7 fan boys are trying to close the gap with Vincent. This match is in effect a rematch from last year where Crono lost to Vincent with about one percent point. To counter this wrong, we must rally to push Crono through this round! Though I'm afraid the Runescape community is in general too young to have witnessed the greatness that Chrono Trigger is, I hope you guys reading this message will go and vote Crono in the poll! And if you really dig Crono, whip out your cell phone, or any other device with another IP. ;) check the poll on http://www.gamefaqs.com PRO tip: Cell phones generally receive a new IP everytime they connect to the network, thus you could vote plenty of times for your favourite!
  2. Still waiting for the wallpaper version, but lookign great.
  3. I'm such a hacker. Found the version without the censor. :wink: Really liking this. Neatly done.
  4. stats.jpg?username=Gindu that isn't a .jpg .gif or .png file is it?
  5. Perhaps it's rather hard to make it look round when the bottom line is a combo of two lines? :wink:
  6. boxes inside boxes inside boxes with various stages of drop shadow or bevel sort of effect. Seems a bit too heavy for my taste.
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