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  1. There was quite a large article in Helsingin-Sanomat on 17.5.2009 (page E2). The picture of me playing Pajatzo is rather epic. Then yesterday Taloussanomat had this story http://www.kauppalehti.fi/5/i/talous/uu ... 9/06/23065 . This appeared also in print (like the original HS thing). Overall, a good bit of press, which has given our consulting company a nice amount of work.
  2. Haha, thanks for the encouragement. Or.. wait. WHAT? :shock: :x As for how much the game has generated. Well, so far $60k, before taxes and cuts to people who helped in the development. But it is still averaging about $700 a day, so, it's all good! :thumbsup: \ Oh and if there are still über talented artists like I remember this place having, feel free to drop me a line, if you'd want to be part of a future project. It's not that I don't like making the graphics for the projects - it's just that there is always a shortage of coding. Thanks for the congrats btw. It's pretty sweet. Now I can always say I'm an ADA winner!! :thumbsup: 8-)
  3. Hey, I know I haven't posted in here for quite some time.. Again. But since this crazy thing happened, I thought I'd share the fun! Indeed, my iPhone game Wooden Labyrinth 3D has won the Best Student Program title in the Apple Design Awards 2009. There were a total of six awards for iPhone applications. The win was quite a surprise I have to admit. The game never got featured on App Store or got any other kind of recognition from Apple. Which in itself is rather odd, given that the free version has shipped over 1.8 million copies ( +over 30k copies of the paid ver.). But yay, the booty is rather nice. A 30 inch cinema display, maxed out 15inch MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPod Touch (plus ADC membship for a year). Pretty epic! On top of that, I managed to get interviewed to a couple of Finnish news papers and Internet publications. (and of course international websites) So, yeah. Thought I'd let you know that there can be a good future for a tip.it gfx noob! Macworld coverage on the awards:http://www.macworld.com/article/141078/2009/06/apple_design_awards.html Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IexqExaHwRk
  4. Aw darn, and here I thought your copy of Photoshop had become sentient and tried to rid the world of lens flare. Seems I have to keep on waiting for that day. ;)
  5. Hmm, now that I think of it, those numbers are quite inflated. Considering most of the time was spent surfing the Internet and playing WC3. Perhaps 10-15 is closer :D
  6. Greetings, I just finished my Christmas card for my family and friends. I decided to make a slightly altered version for you guys to check out. http://vimeo.com/2614926 The background image is created from ten different photographs and quite a bit of brushing (had to add a looot of snow). Animation work is done in After Effects. All in all it took a good 10-15 hours (adjusted with ITWE - Internet Time Wasting Effect). Though most of that time was during the 1am - 7 am time slot which isn't known for its effectiveness. ;) The version on Vimeo is of quite bad quality. Does anyone have ideas where to host for better bitrate? Tried youtube HD, but couldn't get it working. Anyway, have a pleasent holiday season everyone!
  7. I'm sorry to bring up this ancient thread, but anyway... Pajatzo has been the best selling iPhone App in the Finnish App Store since it took the spot almost two weeks ago! (selling around 450 copies in Finland so far) So, I made a new version and I finally have a clip of the gameplay on youtube. Check it out! I'm going to start a new game project during the holidays and I hope it will get some international sales as well. So exciting! ( I might need some beta testers down the road.. anyone interested?) Oh yeah, I'm going to give out 3 free promo codes to the 3 first people to send me a PM! (only works in the US app store and only works with firmware version 2.1 and higher (iphone and ipod touch)) Please send a message only if you really can use the code! I did this game called "megamelee" for a school project. C++ on Windows... I think I posted a thread about it here too. If you want to try it out, I can post a link to DL :D
  8. Yep, it sure works with the iPod touch as well. I'll mark your request as the first one. Nine more and I'll dish out three codes (they give you one free download each) to random requesters! :) (I hope this isn't too against the forum rules, just say if it is and I won't :( )
  9. I'm trying to get a hold on a video camera to get some footage up on youtube. Except that took one hour to make and this took one hundred hours (oh and it did nothing.. this is a good game). :( :shame: :thumbsup: Yep, that was my first iPhone app and first OpenGL game in a long time. (old timers might remember Megamelee that I posted here quite some time ago.. the PC space shooter game) I could give out a promotional code or two to you guys, but the problem is that I can only get them for the US store (and I know you are more of a Finnish store guy yourself). If we get ten people genuinely asking for a free app (that could go and download it for themselves) I'll draw out two codes. Sure, ten people is hard to get, but just lure some guys over that you know have an iPhone!
  10. Hey nadril, long time! iPhone uses the same objective-c as mac programming and - you guessed it - nothing else. So I had to learn a brand new language and a new environment. It's been a long haul to get this far. You can also use normal c or c++ for most things and normal opengl commands. Thanks for the comments guys.
  11. ** More details on the 2nd page ** Hi there, Haven't been active again, but I've come back to shamelessly plug my latest endeavor. It's an application for the iPhone no less! It's basically a Finnish cult classic coin game - pajatso - with some nifty physics engine action. It's all coded by me (save for open source physics), all drawn by me and the sounds recorded by a friend of mine. It works by hitting the device on the side, so it's basically the same as the real pajatso! Yeh, it's not free so.. well, just comment on the graphics I guess! :) Here's what you start with. Here's some coins flying Here i turned the device upside down and the coins fell out :) check it here on iTunes app store. http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSt ... =298728882
  12. Don't ask me how I noticed this, but this thread is already indexed by google with the name "elias pietilä" from the url.. still there's only one comment. Come one people, I know you want to say something! :oops: The whole character is a bit out of place due to the same reason. I might go over it with a brush to sink it in better. I actually made a hand that showed the back of the palm partially. Paint-wise it was bette than the current one, but it also made the stance look uncomfortable and akward. I guess my hand isn't as steady as I wanted it to be :). What's wrong with curvey things anyway? ;) The part of the wall that covers some of the tent is actually supposed to be a very dense stalagmite bunch. A bit like the ones in this picture. http://hays.outcrop.org/images/groundwa ... -13-17.jpg Ye, I'm sure they'll sue for a free advertisement :)
  13. Hey, Made a cover art for an online game acquaintance of mine. The album's name is Hell's Circus and I wasn't feeling very creative, hence the outcome. It's part painted, part photomanip, part ugly. Took quite a bit of time in the end. About ten hours I think. I'd wanted to have the maestro himself wearing a director's white tie type of garment, but he insisted on this choice of cloathing. Was quite a pain to sink him into the picture. Tried to achieve that by painting him the hand that is grasping the skull, but I'm not completely satisfied. The cover for Hell's Circus: http://www.elias.pietila.fidisk.fi/enigmanFlat.jpg Original picture of the artist: http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/9483/dsc01420tb0.jpg Feel free to comment and do make suggestions for changes, it's not in print yet. (I'll point out the messy looking album name myself)
  14. Yep, starting a professional program such as Maya or 3DS Max can really be painfull without any classes on it. You bang your head against the wall on many simple yet hard to overcome problems. There really should be a list of "100 most common reasons your stuff doesn't work like you think". Then again, I probably wouldn't have the patience to sit through any school type of classes as they seem to always be tooo sloooow. And yeh, it's very strange that a random game's graphics forum houses such potent promise. There used to be many people that ended up making some sort of living out of this little hobby. Still, my bread and butter is coding atm. I just do these things to show my bosses that I'm superior to everyone else :shock: \ :twisted: Oh and a random quote from my boss' boss' boss on this particular animation: "This is the best thing that can happen on a Monday morning... with your pants on". (he's the CTO of our company and a board member at that). But no... no extra reward for pulling this one off. (kinda bums me out)
  15. Wheeh, 1000 posts... Most I've ever had on any forum. My ISP decided to kill my Internet connection starting last Friday. Just an hour before they did I paid my latest bill for it. On time I might add. Luckily the net still works from work \ Anyways, thanks for the praise. Nadril, I really couldn't recommend anything. I just picked up the first 3d software that came to my mind and started reading a couple of tutorials. :) dsavi_x4, yep, it's a bit jerky. After Effect's easing tool is horrible. The curves don't control the position as in Flash or 3DS MAX, but they control the speed. It's quite impossible to work with them. ThruItAll, yes I am. Hehe, we've since dropped the sysopen from the company name. Btw, I just noticed: you can click on high quality link in youtube to get some better video and audio.
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