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  1. Alright champ? ;)

  2. I would be fine with this. As long as it was consistent you know? Although I'd be afraid that instead of it being a perk (Ie, I have 96 smithing so I get better armor) it would be a requirement like overloads are. About the GE, I know some people liked merchanting but I always found trading to be a hassle and I remember spending more time trying to sell my goods than I did actually getting them.
  3. I left the game a bit after summoning came out, and returned for about a month when dungeoneering was released, left again and came back for bonus XP weekend. (I always wind up regretting missing them when I eventually come back so I opted in on this one. Turns out summoning is unaffected so I wasted a lot of time) Here are some thoughts and experiences I've had about the modern RS in comparison to the RS as I recall. The Bad. 1) Dungeoneering is still obnoxious. When I left the second time, there was talk of making dungeoneering more solo friendly. As far as I can see, this never happened. Soloing dungeons is still ludicrously slow xp and using pugs still isn't very good. I also don't understand the motivation behind "prestige". It just makes it even harder to find people to group with since they have to be on the exact same floor as you are. These two problems compound on each other, you have to get a group to get good xp but finding a group is super hard because of the whole prestige thing. I've just been dumping lamps and tears of guthix into this skill, mostly. (I actually dumped a dragon lamp into it not realizing I could have gotten more xp just taking it to the museum lol. I really should read the wiki before I do things) 2) Scammers are even scammier Yesterday I was at the Grand Exchange (which now is four booths and you can't click on the bankers from directly above...) and I saw a level 137 guy with some skillcape (I think it was mining) and a red Halloween mask who was offering to double gold. He had a few level 80 somethings walk up to him trade him and walk away shouting "Omfg" and similar things. I expected a scam but I was curious so I pulled out 100k and traded it to him. He traded me back 200k. He told me he was quitting and was giving away most of his money. I went back to my bank and pulled out 5m (note that I had about 35m at the time, so loosing 5m wasn't that big of a deal), I traded it to him and he logged off. At that point I burst out laughing because his scam had worked perfectly. I was actually kind of impressed. They guy had a character at level 137 with hundreds of millions of gold, but he was still sitting there with a very clever little scam going. The scammers I remember were like level 80 and wore rune, not 137 and in masks. Just think; if I hadn't got greedy and gone for seconds the scammer would be out 100k. That's fantastic right there. I wish that Jagex followed up on tickets like Blizzard does in WoW because I want to know what happens to that guy. 3) Everything is very high leveled now. Another observation I've had is that jagex seems to expect people to have skills in the 90s, when I left it was more typical for things to stop really being relevant past 85 or so unless you wanted a skill cape. This has been a bit of a shock for me, since when I left I could do almost anything I wanted while now there's a significant portion of the game I can't even reach. For example, before I could use every prayer, now I need 95 prayer to have all of them. Before I left I was getting close to the best level for slayer, 85; now whips are like 400k and there are level 99 slayer monsters. When I left, GWD was the pinnacle of boss monster content. I remember soloing the sara boss, that was fun. You had to kite it. I don't even know if people still do that. Now there's Nex and the Corporeal Beast and such, who make the ol' commander look like a complete pansy and require groups. And I touched on this in my dungeoneering bit, but groups in RS are typically really hard to find. Especially if you aren't absurdly high leveled. 4) Herblore vs the rest of the crafting skills. This one I just don't get. Why did they give Herblore a bunch of un-tradeable potions? None of the other skills have high level perks like this. I can't catch un-tradeable super fish with my 99 fishing, nor can I make un-tradeable super bows with my 99 fletching. A smith can't make super armor, a runecrafter can't make super runes, I just don't get why they picked herblore and handed it enormous perks. I like that it made herb prices absurd because I like farming, but I hate that it's now a requirement for any high level content to use overloaded potions and saradomin brews (a combination I find ludicrously overpowered ). The Good. 1) Free Trade It's back! Enough said. I love the GE though. A thousand times better than shouting in w2 for a year. There's my little rant, hope you enjoyed and don't take it too seriously.
  4. Slayer and farming are among my favorite skills already so it won't be a problem doing that. Though I typically do more than herbs. Recently I've been doing snapdragon, limpwurt, cactus, and some trees for experience. I don't do the vegetables because I find them to be too much hassle. Is there a list of all the "dailies"? I already do MTK.
  5. Does anyone have some money-making tips? Supplies are way more expensive than I remember them. (Dragon bones are over 3k? That's triple what I remember...) Though seeing a SGS for 20m and a BGS for 3m makes me lol. Whip being 300k sucks though, neutered slayer... Here's my current skills: 88 Attack 90 Defence 86 Strength 90 Constitution 82 Ranged 71 Prayer 86 Magic 81 Cooking 67 Woodcutting 99 Fletching 99 Fishing 75 Firemaking 69 Crafting 65 Smithing 65 Mining 66 Herblore 70 Agility 63 Thieving 80 Slayer 73 Farming 61 Runecrafting 68 Hunter 57 Construction 73 Summoning 41 Dungeoneering
  6. Why would I low alch fish instead of high alching bows or b-staffs?
  7. I've been out of the game for a while. I quit about four years ago, joined for about a month when dungeoneering was released, then quit again. I'm popping back on again for the bonus XP weekend since I've missed all the others and figure why not. Pretty much the whole game looks different from how I remember it, and there are of course a billion new ways to train every skill. I was just wondering what a few of the current most popular ways to train are. Also, how the heck do people make money? I saw a thread saying that people could make 50m a week, but when I got 99 fishing doing monks that only got 30m or so. That was four years ago though... For perspective, these are the methods I remember from when I last played. Magic: High Alchemy Herblore: Prayer Potions Summoning: The highest level thing you can make affordably, for me it would be bunyips and locusts I think Prayer: Dragon Bones on a friend's alter Dungeoneering: No clue. Solo all the early floors and get a group for the last couple? Did they ever get around to making it solo friendly?
  8. I left a little while after the summoning update and came back for like a month when dungeoneering was released. I'm coming back again because of free trade and I want to ask you guys if there are any things I should be aware of as far as changes go. I know they added a bunch of quests, any notable rewards? Any new skill training methods pop up? Also, unrelated question here but is solo training dungeoneering viable? How would I do it and how much slower is it? I kinda wanna hit 80 for the rapier but if I wanted a group heavy game I'd just go back to WoW.
  9. Plus bullying is a dumb reason to ban it anyway. You're just rewarding the bigot. "Oh noes that guy is different, lets ban him so that he won't be made fun of!". Protip: Everyone gets picked on in school. It doesn't mean we should stop having babies, it means we should stop having terrible parents.
  10. ...... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I know of ONE news station that calls itself "fair and balanced". ONE. It's their goddamn CATCH PHRASE. And they are the most far RIGHT station on American television.
  11. It's all the jews fault. They blow the holocaust out of proportion so that people will sympathize with them and let them take over everything. Ask the average schmuck about the Nanking Massacre or Stalin and they'll know one or two things at best, nothing in most cases. Check who is the big bad in all WWII movies. Look in the schoolbooks. Its all a plot by the jews to sway public opinion and take over the world. [/trolling] (I've actually heard people say this kind of thing before. Makes me a bit weary when people start to downplay the holocaust) Has anyone seen that "King of the Hill" episode where a hippy or something calls anything he doesn't like a nazi? "You're a nazi, man" etc. And then he meets Hank's dad who was a WWII vet and gets his ass kicked? I love that one. I kinda feel like the censor is there for reducio ad hitlerum attacks more than anything else. When it becomes common for teenagers to call each other Stalin-esque I'll support a change.
  12. I don't follow any sports. Football, handegg, soccer, baseketball, etc. I follow none of them. I still know what a vuvuzela is because I watch the Daily Show and read things on the internet. I knew about them like a week after people started complaining, but I figured that delay was standard for non-sports people. EDIT: To anyone that says soccer is boring, why are any sports different? I find all sport watching to be inane and boring.
  13. Why the hell are we arguing about market systems in a fun thread? Take it outside please.
  14. Facebook, made socializing so much easier.
  15. Chapter ten. CID IS A GODDAMN [bleep] AND HE DESERVES TO ROT FORVER! Goddamn, that is the hardest fight I've ever done in FF. And I've done all the optional bosses in the other games. After a few grueling hours of watching him one shot lighting after he steals all my buffs I manage to take him down. It was so epic. I wound up breaking him as I summoned Odin and just tore open the stagger gauge before hitting him at 800% with a Zanzetsuken. I didn't see how much damage it did because IT KILLED HIM. The last thing I saw was lightning crouching in the most awesome battle pose ever as the FIVE STARS showed up. I was so happy I couldn't help but jump up out of my chair in victory. I'm glad I was the only one home because the little dance I did afterward would be awkward to explain. The swearing on my previous attempts would probably have cleared the room by then though. Gotta give these guys credit, their video gave me the Odin idea (has swears and immature humor, be warned) I didn't do what they did in that video, they just gave me the idea of finishing him with odin. I used fang instead of sahz, I loose out on haste but constant paradigm shifts make up for the speed loss. Dispel and slowga make things much easier too. I used both sols. I really pulled out all the stops now that I think about it. I spammed potions at some points and had his stagger at 250/300 when he transformed. Summon canceled the ray-of-dispelling-everything-and-pissing-you-off and staggered him with Odin. Got really lucky cause he went into defense mode which gave me a ton of time to build it. Then gestalt for the win! I really wish I had recorded it, It was so epic. Especially the way it ended. Might only feel epic for me, but I spent longer on Cid than I did on Emerald Weapon or Nemesis.
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