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  1. Working flawlessly!! Thanks Swiftkit!!
  2. [Can't upload pictures to this community] So it just comes up with the usual Click Launch to begin, except the whole window is already frozen. The right hand window says 'Loading please wait...". The mouse does the 'working' icon, and nowhere is clickable, then after a while, windows asks for it to be closed because it's 'not responding'.
  3. Hmm same symptoms, even days after. :( Another possibility is the latest windows 10 update. Windows 10 is truly, the worst operating system I've ever used. Its errors are ongoing.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me and so quickly Bear Fur! This ad thing has never happened before, and I shall re-try SK tomorrow and the next.
  5. When the program is opened, swiftkit freezes at the opening screen (the opening window is opened, then freezes, before the Click to play button appears). It seems that the program is freezing when loading something. I have tried deleting existing swiftkit program files and re-installing, and updating java, and deleting all runescape files. Nothing is working. It truly seems that, since today, swiftkit is not able to be run anymore. Why??
  6. What happens for me is the NEW window pops up, for a split second, then collapses into the SK window. Try fiddle about with the SK Settings - make sure Disable RS client as internal browser, is Disabled.
  7. It works for me - I have to install the RS3 client for it to work though, I think.
  8. The BIG pre-existing benefits: - The simplicity and light-weight demand on RAM - The customisable, yet simple interface (colour of complete skin, COLOUR-ABLE TEXT NOTE BOX (OSBuddy majorly lacks) - Radio could indeed come in handy for players What it currently lacks: - Currently some glitch where running OSRS opens up a new window outwith SK - Two easy to access timers (for timing two individual items, such as slayer trips, boss spawns etc) - XP/HOUR TRACKERS (I don't know how much more demand on RAM this will take. But it is a MUST to be competitive with OSBuddy) - Likewise, essential - item names on ground, hovered above. Another essential competitive requirement. Many players will simply not make the switch to SK if either this point or the one above is not included in SK. - Flip-out Puzzlebox images, for clue scrolls
  9. Yeah I have. It won't work because I'm playing Oldschool. It seems Swiftkit is a bit forgotten about. Sad for me to write that. I prefer it over Osbuddy.
  10. When I run Swiftkit, it loads the Oldschool page as it should. But when I click Play Now, it opens up a new window, which is the Oldschool RS Client window. So I've now got Swiftkit open, and the Rs Client open. This doesn't change when I select or deselect the drop-down RSClient option. I was also wondering, is swiftkit still being supported by regular updates etc?
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