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  1. Is there a thread that relates to up and coming updates? I know getting NXT to work is one thing but just curious :p The suggestion page is just something that people suggest id guess but not something that yall would confirm is being worked on? No idea if this one is possible but integration of alt 1 toolkit ? Alt1 is great but its missing a bunch while at the same time it has things that swiftkit needs.
  2. ok i just never scrolled down on their download page < yes i derped < yes i found it < ty
  3. The word legacy still baffles me. I know you can use legacy combat or legacy layout, but a literal client? where do i get this...diddnt think you could still get it from jagex
  4. Hmm so from that i would come to the conclusion that if im an RS3 player swiftkit would be useless for the time being. Damn ohwell any realistic time frame for when or if this is even being worked on? Funny what got me really interested is the phone app you guys made even got the paid one :p
  5. i hit play runescape and it just opens my nxt client. Which would be fine i guess if it auto resized the game to fit within the window of swift kit to allow it to still be used at the same time. As it stands i dont see a point :(
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