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  1. This will be my last post ever on these forums, Thank you RS community for the great years. Over and out ~Adamlion5
  2. Discord: https://discord.gg/NCgJ4dF| DI Public CC | Homeworld: 322 We asked Fools for a F2P Wild fight and knowing there probably wouldn't ever be one of this size or calibre again, it was fitting to make sure it was against them. We agreed on an earlier fight (3:30EST/8:30GMT Start), and a 1.5 hour cap. We knew naturally this would draw the entire clan world out one last time as well. Due to the occasion, we hyped this fight up big and invited people who have shared various memories with us along the way. This was our last fight on OSRS and concludes our 5 year+ reign on OSRS and 14 years+ (with closure) including both versions of RS. Hopefully those that were apart of DI past and present enjoyed themselves and appreciated one last hurrah in this game. Thanks again for the fight Fools as these are a very rare occurrence and hard to set up. Oergg's Final Speech: Video of fight: Damage Inc. Starting: ~285 options Fools Starting: ~282 options Damage Inc. Ending: ~279 options but no one is falled in Fools Ending: ~282 options Pictures: (respect the rune chain)
  3. Quote by Olde Nite from DI forums: http://www.di-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3685/
  4. could not find the video section, please move it there if you can. Thanks
  5. This is the halloween event that was held back in 2007. Jagex decided to remake the event on Old School Runescape. I originally completed this event in 07, this is just a re-do 7 years later, was fun nonetheless. Enjoy! Music - Rise Against - Prayer of the refuge Rise Against - Ready to fall Guide by adamlion5
  6. Sorry for long response, i stopped playing osrs for a while might start again dunno yet, But, in a nutshell, they basically made a mini game NMZ where you can easily afk all your stats. Much easier than it was in RSC lol. Just check DI forums if you wanna see what's going on (and yes Brian is leading DI again, i doubt anyone else would).
  7. Az_madness seems to be going ham heres another one of his kills
  8. http://www.di-rs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=102427
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