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  1. This will be my last post ever on these forums, Thank you RS community for the great years. Over and out ~Adamlion5
  2. Discord: https://discord.gg/NCgJ4dF| DI Public CC | Homeworld: 322 We asked Fools for a F2P Wild fight and knowing there probably wouldn't ever be one of this size or calibre again, it was fitting to make sure it was against them. We agreed on an earlier fight (3:30EST/8:30GMT Start), and a 1.5 hour cap. We knew naturally this would draw the entire clan world out one last time as well. Due to the occasion, we hyped this fight up big and invited people who have shared various memories with us along the way. This was our last fight on OSRS and concludes our 5 year+ reign on OSRS and 14 years+ (with closure) including both versions of RS. Hopefully those that were apart of DI past and present enjoyed themselves and appreciated one last hurrah in this game. Thanks again for the fight Fools as these are a very rare occurrence and hard to set up. Oergg's Final Speech: Video of fight: Damage Inc. Starting: ~285 options Fools Starting: ~282 options Damage Inc. Ending: ~279 options but no one is falled in Fools Ending: ~282 options Pictures: (respect the rune chain)
  3. Quote by Olde Nite from DI forums: http://www.di-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3685/
  4. could not find the video section, please move it there if you can. Thanks
  5. This is the halloween event that was held back in 2007. Jagex decided to remake the event on Old School Runescape. I originally completed this event in 07, this is just a re-do 7 years later, was fun nonetheless. Enjoy! Music - Rise Against - Prayer of the refuge Rise Against - Ready to fall Guide by adamlion5
  6. Sorry for long response, i stopped playing osrs for a while might start again dunno yet, But, in a nutshell, they basically made a mini game NMZ where you can easily afk all your stats. Much easier than it was in RSC lol. Just check DI forums if you wanna see what's going on (and yes Brian is leading DI again, i doubt anyone else would).
  7. Az_madness seems to be going ham heres another one of his kills
  8. http://www.di-rs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=102427
  9. Not sure, most of them are eos/genesis i think lol
  10. It was really three separate fights, well 2 1/2. Statistics DI starting - 25 AF starting - 25? Official topic: http://www.di-rs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=102400&st=0 DI ending #1 - 81 options DI ending #2 - 120 options DI ending #3 - 144 options B6JkzwKx3Nw the rundown The day started off with AF baiting us at 50s, knowing it was a bait we massed up 25 of our finest warriors and rushed in, the fight started off chaotic with both quite a few AF/DI getting ported away and the rest of us having to make due, the fight lasted a few minutes with AF leaving, thinking they ended we walked down only to hear they were remassing so we waited out for them, the 2nd "fight" was short lived. AF tried to bait us into the gate and we tried to bait them south. Ended up with us rushing north of gate and clearing the AF there and the rest ran off to volcano and logged back out. Following a PM on IRC we moved the fight to world 353 where the numbers were heavily in our favor and the fight reflected such. EoS/JaJa decided to show up near the end and donate some sets to us as well. Thanks for the fight AF, despite the numbers you fought valiantly. Thanks to AC (Anonymous Community) for the AC. pictures
  11. Starting: DI : 50 Vr : 40 Ending: Di: 61 Vr: 45 Fight started after vr stalling for 30 minutes, eventually showing up sitting at spiders. Chasing them around the wilderness with eos sniping us still managing to have the upper hand.
  12. 1. Damage Inc 2. Reign of Terror 3. Divine Forces 4. Violent Resolution 5. Echo of Silence
  13. Was a good fight. Eh, can't fix the quotes. -.-
  14. ummm it's actually my turf. I just don't post night, better back down son.
  15. So you're effectively blaming Bill Clinton for this mess? Ahh shock, he's a Democrat. Didn't see that coming. The Republicans had control of the White House and Congress for four years. The Democrats were no where in sight. If Bush was as much of a prophet as you claim, why didn't he change the system? He had ample opportunity to do so. I don't personally blame any specific person or group of people for this. I blame the thinking over the past 20 years that free market privatisation is always the best option, and if you want anyone to blame for that, blame Thatcher. I also point to the number of Republicans in the bail-out vote who felt ideologically uncomfortable with the state getting involved in the banking sector. Do you wish to blame their reluctance on the Democrats as well? The US has gone about this all wrong. Gordon Brown seems to have chosen the right option, and the rest of Europe seems to be following suit. Part-nationalise the banks. If they're such a vital part of the economic structure of capitalism, and they're at the verge of collapse, then the state should take over. With the state's weight behind the banks, confidence improves, and shares rise. When things are better, you sell the shares off. Maybe for a loss, maybe for a profit, but no where near the $700B mark. I was never a fan of trickle-down economics. You'll seldom meet many people in Europe who are. They are grossly inadequate for the poorer classes, which constitute the majority of a population in any truly capitalist state. I love Clinton but from what I understand it was his set up which set the course for this. But Bush had his hand at the wheel when the course should have been altered and he didn't...despite the warnings. So it was Bush's failure in the end.
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