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  1. Forums | Lovely Community | #Forsaken on SwiftIRC | GMT Based | Darkruler633 cc ingame Last time we fought TR on a sunday it ended being in the 2v2 fight. They pulled 56 last week so we made sure that if they would do it again we would their numbers to give them a fight they would remember. We got everybody hyped up and most of our retired showed up to witness the slaughter. Forsaken Starting: Tr starting: 39? Nothing much to say about the fight, it was in our favor the entire cap. Tr couldn't really do much with their pull so it was clear from the start who was going to win. Shame our numbers didn't match, guess you guys had a bad day props for sticking through the entire cap. Hopefully we'll be able to fight with even numbers next time. Forsaken Ending: around 2-3 randoms max. Tr ending: Logged out 5 mins before the ending. Video: Thanks DK for the ac.
  2. - Darkruler633 Clan Chat ingame - Forsaken is a GMT based (European timezone) clan on the game RuneScape. Our main focus is the oldschool version of the game (OSRS). Forsaken first opened it's doors on 27 April 2010. We closed as a warring clan on 5 April 2012. However we came back to RuneScape as a warring clan on 17 May 2015. We mainly have F2P wars (we strive to have at least two each week), which are mandatory to attend as a Member of Forsaken. However we do all kind of events together (non-mandatory). We pk in P2P, do PvM together and we are just a global community with people from all over the world. People often ask me what does Forsaken aim for? Or how would you describe Forsaken? I'll answer those questions below. What does Forsaken aim for Forsaken aims to be the best clans in terms of quality while we maintain a good community. During wars we are 100% serious, but outside of wars we focus on our community. Forsaken is a place for everyone to enjoy. We try to maintain this by doing other events in RuneScape besides wars such as P2P pking, PvM and all kind of fun events. To keep our good community we have a active IRC channel (#Forsaken on swiftIRC) and we have of course this forum. We are on as well Teamspeak to communicate with eachother as well. So besides aiming to be the best clan in terms of quality on RuneScape, we also aim to be a friendly gaming community. Besides RuneScape a lot of Forsaken members play other games as well. For example League of Legends, Counterstrike or World of Warcraft. Some even play Xbox or Playstation together! We also host the occasional fun event on small gaming sites such as Haxball or Agar. Forsaken isn't just a clan, we're a family. We are one big group of friends who enjoy hanging out together. Even though our main focus is wars, there is so much more we do together. People are always welcome to join our community. I mentioned we aim to be the best clan in terms of quality on RuneScape. However we welcome any new player without warring experience as well. We will gladly help you out! Hang around with us in #Forsaken on IRC and post around on forums so you'll get to know us. How would I describe Forsaken Forsaken is a clan which has members from all over the world which are active in the GMT timezone. It's a lovely group of friends, in which you will easily fit in if you give it a shot. We really have all sorts of people in here. We have ones which are really kind and are always up to help people, people which are funny as hell and some are sometimes as retarded as you can imagine. Young or old it doesn't matter. They all fit in Forsaken because we all have one thing in common: we care a lot about Forsaken and the community. We all have the same mindset when it comes to warring as well. We respect eachother and we put in effort together to make this a nice place for everyone. My view is obviously biased as a Leader of this clan. I can however 100% guarantee you this clan will be worth a shot if you are able to be active within the GMT timezone, whether it is for the warring aspect we offer you or just the community with all kind of events we offer. Any official (which are listed below) is able to help you in case you need something. Once you are registered on our forums we will validate your account as soon as possible ;) Officials Leader Darkruler633 Warlord Michele Ac Council Raamsdonkje1 Captain Jacky Mao Splodge Mentor Alice (Ritchie) Hiroshima Tom08894 Community Staff Frouke Mulkens Retired leader Ruler Mike5 Requirements - 110+ combat - 96+ range or 85+ magic -90+ defence - 60+ prayer - 42+ agility - 57+ woodcutting or you must have completed the quest 'Desert Treasure' (both are used to return in fights) - 40+ range (this is a must so you can wear dragonhide) - Must meet all gear requirements - Access to Teamspeak 3 - Access to IRC is highly recommended but it's not a must IRC #Forsaken is our public channel on SwiftIRC. We also have a private channel but that's for members only. Click here to join it! Links Forum Main Memberlist Our IRC #Forsaken Videos Click the spoiler! (Including some old videos)
  3. Forums | Lovely Community | #Forsaken on SwiftIRC | GMT Based | Darkruler633 cc ingame Set up a fight with Ancient Fury. Never fought them before, so we didn't really know what to expect. Turned out in a nice battle in CWA. Rules: first to 25 Starting: Ending: Rules: first to 25 Starting: Ending: Rules: first to 25 Starting: Ending: Good pull, bad performance round 1, decent performance round 2, great performance round 3. Overall decent job today Forsaken. Thanks for the fight Ancient Fury.
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