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  1. Sounds a lot like System of a Down which I guess should be expected. Its a little too mainstream for my taste.
  2. Probably just to DDA, most people know me by that acronym anyways.
  3. I probably average about five hours on my iPod a day (walking between classes, while eating lunch or dinner if I am by myself, while studying at the library, and etc.) and then another three hours or so of iTunes when I am studying in my room or just hanging out. So I would say music is a very big part of my life, a 1/4 of my life to be precise :
  4. 1. Wow, Owls! - I'll Be Your Huckleberry 2. Converge - Farewell Note To This City 3. Wow, Owls! - Houston. We Have A Drinking Problem 4. Small Brown Bike - I Will Burry You In Me 5. Fear Before The March Of Flames - Hey Kid I'm A Computer, Stop All The Downloading 6. Mogwai - Punkrock 7. Converge - Last Light 8. The Saddest Landscape - Enough To Stop A Heart 9. Cease Upon The Capitol - The Center Again Until We Float Away To The Outside 10. American Football - Never Meant
  5. He turned a seemingly awful song decent. I'm not a huge fan of Blink 182 or Box Car Racer but I do enjoy Travis' style of drumming.
  6. I havn't visited many clan chats aside from my own clan's (EoS). I was unaware that there were respectful public clan chats even out there.
  7. Now Playing: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - East Hastings
  8. I was unaware Jagex was in the running for such a big shot CEO. It iwll be interesting to see where he takes the company, and Runescape, in the future.
  9. Sicko - It was an excellent documentary by Michael Moore about the problems within the United States' current healthcare plan. He also went on to uncover many of the myths about universal healthcare through a process of exploring the different countries that currently have it (Cuba, Canada, France, Britain, etc.).
  10. Anarchy merged with The Night Hawks to form Intent to Kill. Anarchy recently lost a big war to Apocalypse and went into a slump which is what I believe was the reason for the merge.
  11. Understandable that you would post here, but in the future I think this would fit better in the media section. ~Moved
  12. Its actually a little more, its around 98.5 for the highest ranked average HP. Their combat average is just over 122. This clan would be Damage Inc. The other top contender for first place right now is Dark Slayers. They have a little over 121 combat and 97.5 HP I believe. Dark Slayers have about twenty more members which makes things about even between the two clans. The only problem is that they have two very different centralized timezones (DI being GMT and DS being Aussy/EST). Because of this, and along with the fact that neither team really wants to fight each other (F2P fights usually ensue to being up to four hours or more on average now) that fights are few and far between. As for first clan, well I think that was already answered. Moved to the correct section from Clan Recruiting, don't mix the two up :!:
  13. Exactly SeniorTomale. I guess Duke Freedoms banning does have a little to do with this topic after all. Anyone notice how Santas rose very very fast after hearing Duke Freedom was banned with two-hundred of them. In actuallity two-hundred santas hardly makes a dent in the whole santa population. Still though, brining his banning up out of the blue on such a topic was uncalled for.
  14. Yes, something of the sort used to happen to me involving a j-mod (or something). At the time I was the richest person in the game and was very well known. I made all my money staking. So with that in mind I always kept my private messages on off while at duel arena. Every once in a while I would get a message from an un-crowned (un-modded) person speaking through my private off messages somehow. Usually it would be something along the lines of "something has happened to your account and we will need your password in order to fix it". Obviously it was a scam so I never gave them my password but it still happened every so often and not always by the same person. Its definiatley not at the extreme of randomly killing peoplel, but I am guessing they happen for similiar reasons.
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