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  1. defense ftw was woodcutting thats why i have d axe and ammy
  2. all my friends are in w2 and i still cant get to login ! it always says its off ..... what the hell is going on ?
  3. whats up with w2 ? it has been offline marked for me all day long ? but other people are still in w2 ? how can this be possible :wall:
  4. text is really pixelated and the whole thing looks just the same as any other sig nowadays :/
  5. bob the cat will never get rolled over by a car :D
  6. provide a screenshot and ill put it together on a photoshop after we chose the final 7 rs wonders
  7. yes not only areas ;) something like a building a statue something impressive ;)
  8. as they exist in the real world i would be interested what you would say are the 7 wonders in runescape ! just post here and afterwards we will make a poll to chose the 7 world wonders of runescape screenshots would be nice !
  9. another little piece for a friend
  10. im also doing one like this without the rs stuff and its supposed to go on a shirt as usual ill show you the result as soon as my printer gets back from holidays
  11. the only thing thats true is the text + color and shading because there is no reason why i should invent an own font ;) the circle shape is made out of single shapes i made and recolored them and placed my star symbol (my company logo) in the middle. the parts you call a silhoutte is not a silhouette because the picture is a png and has an invisible background so there shouldnt be any white as it shows in your pic try to look at it with a new mozilla version. the crown is handpathed shape as well as the dragon the stars and the not a single silhoutte or any stupid filter. and all the removed parts from the yellow surrounding are handpathed selected and erased and there is no normal star shape on 6.0 (im working on a licensed version till i buy the newest next month) i have about 150 selfmade shapes none premade ones, ranging from middleage stuff to tony montana and all that stuff. if i use a brush i use my own ones if you wanna check some other work go to photobucket.com and search for Sh4d0w20 (with a zero and a four) my website spp-designs.com is currently down for a remake with merchandising (shirt, and other fashion articles)
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