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  1. hahaha I totally fell for that, and it was great. I've seen that at ages ago and knew what it was but I did not remember about it at all. I was like shocked and laughing at the same time. That was so great.
  2. usually 3-4. Once I ate a whole pizza though. That was weird actually one day I just ate the whole thing, I didn't even cut it, I ate it as if it was a giant cookie.
  3. Is God real? This kind of question is asked so often, all this 'Is God real? Do you Believe in God? How much Faith do you have?' but I don't see how anyone can even BEGIN to answer this question without first asking the real question: 'What is God?' Now that is a much more interesting question. If by God, you mean a grandfather figure in the sky with a long beard, then no of course I don't believe in it, that is absurd. What I do believe in is the spirit, the soul, the mystical. The idea that there is something beyond the ordinary material life. God is what lies beyond the material world, whatever that may be. I cannot describe it, because I live in the material world and any attempt to describe it would be describing it in terms of materialism. But it is there. At least that is what I believe, that is faith. But really, it makes sense. Because you CAN tune in to this metaphysical concept, you just can't explain it...
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    its just fear tactics
  5. I am Legend it freaking ruled and had bob marley mentions and songs
  6. something from Elect the Dead by Serj Tankian or The Final Countdown
  7. Graduation- Kanye West and some Elliot Smith and Beatles
  8. The govt. banned it in the 60s in an attempt to suppress opposition to Vietnam
  9. I always thought they were kind of a one-hit wonder, with Swing Life Away. I don't really like any of their other stuff, but that song is awesome.
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    I bought a TV maybe a half a year ago, and one thing I found was with LCD screens, the video game graphics seem to diminish(or at least on my xbox it did). Or maybe that was plasma screen....but watch out for that.
  11. death cab for cutie- brothers on a hotel bed
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