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  1. Growing up in the Steel City ive eaten lunch with several famous Pittsburgh athletes, most notably Mario Lemiux. Also my mothers boyfriend at the time shot a game of pool with Jaromir Jagr and i was with him was awesome. Otherwise, dunno, lets see what wikipedia says for this town. I know of one off the top of my head, Adrian Peterson (The OTHER AP. The original), Rob Bironas graduated from here (Booted 8 field goals in a game last year), Man not much for this town, we have a song named after us (Statesboro Blues - Allman Brothers) and the food chain Zaxby's was founded here. Famous graduates from the university here (Georgia Southern University) include Michael Curry (head coach of the Detroit Pistons) Ace from the Real World, Paris. Thats it haha.
  2. CHICAGO - Bernie Mac, the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and comedian who worked his way to Hollywood success from an impoverished upbringing on Chicago's South Side, died Saturday at age 50. "Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles. She said no other details were available and asked that his family's privacy be respected. The comedian suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005. He recently was hospitalized and treated for pneumonia, which his publicist said was not related to the disease. Recently, Mac's brand of comedy caught him flack when he was heckled during a surprise appearance at a July fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate and fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama. Toward the end of a 10-minute standup routine, Mac joked about menopause, sexual infidelity and promiscuity, and used occasional crude language. The performance earned him a rebuke from Obama's campaign. But despite controversy or difficulties, in his words, Mac was always a performer. "Wherever I am, I have to play," he said in 2002. "I have to put on a good show." Mac started his comedy career at age 8, with a standup performance at a church dinner. In 1977, at age 20, he took that act to comedy clubs in Chicago. His film career started with a small role as a club doorman in the Damon Wayans movie "Mo' Money" in 1992. Mac went on to star in the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise with Brad Pitt and George Clooney and his turn with Ashton Kutcher in 2005's "Guess Who?" a remake of the Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn 1967 classic "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" topped the box office. Mac also had starring roles in "Bad Santa," "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "Transformers." The comedian drew critical and popular acclaim with his Fox television series "The Bernie Mac Show," which aired more than 100 episodes from 2001 to 2006. The series about a man's adventures raising his sister's three children, won a Peabody Award in 2002. At the time, judges wrote they chose the sitcom for transcending "race and class while lifting viewers with laughter, compassion and cool." The show garnered Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for Mac. He also was nominated for a Grammy award for best comedy album in 2001 along with his "The Original Kings of Comedy" co-stars, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer. In 2007, Mac told David Letterman on CBS' "Late Show" that he planned to retire soon. "I'm going to still do my producing, my films, but I want to enjoy my life a little bit," Mac told Letterman. "I missed a lot of things, you know. I was a street performer for two years. I went into clubs in 1977." Mac was born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on Oct. 5, 1957, in Chicago. He grew up on the city's South Side, living with his mother and grandparents. His grandfather was the deacon of a Baptist church. In his 2004 memoir, "Maybe You Never Cry Again," Mac wrote about having a poor childhood eating bologna for dinner and a strict, no-nonsense upbringing. Mac's mother died of cancer when he was 16. In his book, Mac said she was a support for him and told him he would surprise everyone when he grew up. "Woman believed in me," he wrote. "She believed in me long before I believed."
  3. New YORK Jets, not the New Jersey Jets. And i'm GLAD this is finally over, maybe I can finally turn on SportsCenter and watch some actual highlights, not constant marathon of "Brett Favre this, Brett Favre that"
  4. Die in a fire please, thanks bro.
  5. Was posting a picture and photobucket made it ginormous, so i had to resize, sorry for the confusion.
  6. congratulations you now have 70+ users on your back for insulting the chat room! I hope you feel happy and i look forward to seeing the retorts to your post thank you and have a nice day ~rba
  7. [20] the guy i bough them from on the inter net hasent deliver em yet [20] <+Cruiser> only 7 ranked skills, no combat [20] <+Cruiser> you don't have 3rd age :) [20] u r good=) [20] <+Cruiser> and di you just admin to RWT? [20] <+aaron1120> Now Cruiser is magic. [20] <+Cruiser> admit* [20] he did [20] rofl [20] <+Cruiser> cuz it sure looks like it [20] darthbane53 where did you buy em [20] a rs gold sellin site fer 200$ per set [20] * tipit sets mode: +o aaron1120 [20] * darthbane53 was kicked by aaron1120 (You have been banned. Please use http://forum.tip.it/account_problem.php if you wish to appeal.) gf you tried
  8. Tim Tebow got into a knife fight once. The knife lost. Tim Tebow went skydiving once, and the Grand Canyon was the result. You know the boogieman checks for Tim Tebow under his bed at night.
  9. But see, theyve made too many mistakes enough to ruin the legitimate players, not everyone on rs is a RWT'er however with these new updates, it makes it seem as if everyone is. Theyve made too much of an impact to get back players. Im honestly shocked that anybody is still a member of this update. It's not worth paying the 5usd a month just to do nothing with friends. RS is a MMORPG, they took the MM out of it. Now its just a single player game. Not worth my 5usd every month. All this update shows is that Jagex is paranoid and so self-conscious about making money that theyll do ANYTHING to stop a loss of money. It's sickening and disgusting and it just shows you that they dont care for their players.
  10. You know ive agreed with you in just about everything youve done. I couldnt agree more with that youve said. I might stick around for the first month or so to see how it is, but my rs future hinges on it. Ah well, no more crayola, no more pits, no more clues. Lame :/ Meh, find another game we can dominate in and have people take the 6am elevated train.
  11. I fell asleep when Moss caught that 2nd td pass. I knew i was a goner. Well looks like Pats are 16-0, i hate boston, i swear. Let someone else win something. :wall:
  12. Yay mad posted :D Still amazing, and still with the mud piccy. :XD:
  13. Meh sue, you look almost like an ex girlfriend -.- @Fook - needs moar "underground" pics :P
  14. Nah, the idiot called the timeout from the sidelines, i wont argue that one, that was a stupid thing. So, im guessing you call the number one defense in the NFL "great". Or the fact that the Steelers have ruined 2 of the Patriots last "winning streaks". And Rob, if ESPN had a decent camera angle, you can tell he was still bobbling the ball as he was placing his feet down in the end zone and went out of bounds bobbling it. If espn had a good camera angle, meh.
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