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  1. I completely agree. A hybrid of pure nostalgia and new mechanics. Like crack. I think I'm part of the target audience.
  2. Nothing new, this was on twitter last week. Edit: and for the people who think I'm bsing, here: http://twitpic.com/28kdzw
  3. I believe he got it right on the nose when he said "Worst Game Ever". Just like those sports games where you buy the same game every year.
  4. Did you just say what I think you said?
  5. Nah, not really. Summoning will count as a combat skill just like Prayer, Attack, etc. that was kind of the point :twisted:
  6. Since someone's got to say it... AHAHAHAHAHAHA Level 3 skillers just got donked! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ACHIEVEMENT CAPE
  7. I own a greenfish named britt, she owns.
  8. A number of people were very surprised to see me unsubscribe from RS, and were also curious to the nature of my action, really, why unsubscribe from a game I've played for 5 and a half years and been a member for 80 percent of that time.. To understand my complaints, you'd have to put yourself in my shoes and see how these most recent changes affected me. I'm level 120 combat, mid 1700 skill total, a fairly well-rounded character, but not one that's especially significant, there are people who've been playing for a third of my time and are far past me (Damn that slow RSC training, lol). A good portion of my ingame time is spent in combat or minigames, or leveling whatever skill I feel compelled to level when I log on, or whichever will serve me purpose when I'm treasure hunting (read GWD, metal dragons, clues, etc). If I feel compelled to focus a skill, I tune my bank towards that, and as a result, I have a lot of free bank space. I'm not a packrat by any means. This also means that I collect a lot of items that I will occasionally clean out my bank to sell, and hunt down buyers for barrows and blood runes, and alch other things when the time comes. I don't usually keep a lot of cash on hand unless I'm buying supplies or investing in something. I also don't buy skills. Several of my close friends also play this way. What that means is that if I'm killing metal dragons with mage and I'm not really training combat, my whip and veracs might be lent out for weeks at a time with no concern about when I'm going to get it back. I'm not an uptight pc product (and forgive my slurs on the class of players I tar here) that's going to slash my wrists if my Ahrim's top goes missing. I've got great high leveled friends, two first page herblorists, 90+ smiths, cooks, all whose services I can tap into because, quite frankly, they want the xp, and they know I won't take any more than I give in return, whether it's items, just hanging around, or accompanying them to places where they're not adept at going alone (like barrows or GWD). My bank's a lot like water, things come, things go. I'm at that stage of character where nothing is truly a grind unless I've already signed on and want to do it. When the trade modifications were announced to be introduced, I thought to myself, "this is just silly, this does nothing to improve the way I play the game". People can say what they want about getting rid of RWITers, what negative overall consequences the updates might have, those are all for other, more heady threads. I used to write many of those threads back in the early days of RS. Now I focus on people, the way they behave, what they do and why they do it. Numbers, big picture, not so important. Everyone has stories to tell. I'm a veteran, I do too. Being a veteran, being a loyal supporter of RuneScape, even now I suppose, being a player moderator, I've pitched in, aiming to make the game one that I want to play, where I have a say in what RuneScape should be like, if only because I've been playing long enough to develop the vision alongside both my peers and the staff of this game. I've been fortunate to tug the sleeves of staff and introduce ideas and thoughts. Hell, I bet you could have never guessed that I'm the person behind both the Ghostly Robes/Shadow Sword miniquests and the spinning dragon plates that were released a couple of Aprils ago. Ask me, I'll tell you the story! I'm also the person whose relentless pursuit of the earliest RWITing ensured that the notion of disallowing such jumped from just the Terms and Conditions of Runescape to actually becoming a rule! Ask me, I'll tell you THAT story too! I suppose it's ironic, the one thing that made me most known and close to Jagex staff is the reason that I'm unsubscribing from their game. I should be more understanding, I suppose, but I'm not. It's that the magnitude of this update and its direct influence on how I should be playing, or rather how I'm told to be playing, makes me upset. It's telling me I have to pinch pennies, and that Tammy can't charge me 6k for each pray pot instead of 8, because it might be an unbalanced trade and that one of us might be real world trading for it. It also means I can't combine with my two dearest friends for Kree'ara trips, one supplying bolts, one supplying pots, one supplying knives and grapples, alching the drops, splitting the loot, Taylor giving me 200 mith bars to smith when I get on and he's not, and so one of us doesn't have to stand around and assist the other. These are the things I enjoy most of all, having friends I trust that trust me. It's that the trade updates say that I'm going to have to completely rethink the way I treat my possessions. The same's true for me in real life. If someone has one of my books for a few months, I'm not bugged, unless I absolutely need it, and I know my friends well enough to also know if that's the case, then I'll get it back. I liked my choice, I liked those freedoms. Tammy's not bugged if I take 100 pray pots dirt cheap, she knows that I'm going to give her a few hundred herb seeds when I collect them. My friends and I, we share what we have, we don't trade it. I suppose all this goes to show that the update's made me pretty unhappy from a technical standpoint, it's upsetting. Couple this with my continued loyalty to my own vision of the game, and you can also see why I'm tweaked on a personal level. It's that Jagex, and the staff so enamored with the idea of trade control, got themselves so wound up in what might very well be the worst case of "groupthink" I've ever encountered in my LIFE, completely forgot that there were players, customers, like myself that played in such a manner. Or, even worse, if they DID think about it, they decided it was a more profitable move to attend to other sorts of players, with so little regard to my own that they didn't bother to adapt the updates to fit us before we all decided we were going to unsubscribe. Hell, they may never address concerns from players like myself. I don't know what goes on in the Jagex offices anymore. I've been out of touch with Mark O. for months. So when I unsubscribed and stated my reason as unsatisfactory customer support, that's what I mean. Perhaps if in the future, RuneScape is updated into a game I wish to pay for again, then I'll continue paying them. For now, they won't be counting on my monetary support to make that game. And while I'm only one person, one five dollars, I can at least say I know why I'm quitting, and that it feels pretty good to have played my own vision to its current end. Thanks, Lime Mercury
  9. Ba-bing! What is lost in RWT items will just be turned over to RW account sharing/selling/trading. That's a lot more work for the cheats AND much easier to track. Considering the fact that 50% of players log into RS from more than 1 computer in any given week and 7% of them log into RS from more than 5 computers and the relative ease that any legitimate Real World operations site can choose a local proxy to any RS player, I respectfully disagree with you on both counts. Source of my statement:
  10. Ba-bing! What is lost in RWT items will just be turned over to RW account sharing/selling/trading.
  11. Actually just the day before yesterday, we were having a big sale, and a pushy customer tried to insert herself between myself and the customer I was helping, trying to find an boxed item behind other things, which actually requires a bit of concentration. With 25 lb box in arms, tilted back towards me, searching for the writing on another box (trying to find the color of the item inside) she comes up... Exchange: Lady: "I have a question is there anybody that works here that can help me?" Me: (box in arms, head under table) "Not quite yet just be patient" Lady: "Well you don't have to be so rude my question would have only taken a second to answer" Me: "And it will continue to take just a second to answer regardless of your attitude." Lady storms off.
  12. Lime_Mercury

    Lame names.

    Legolas, Vash, Link, Pure, SSJ, Noob and all its variations, not sure what the hot thing is now. :roll:
  13. 19/30 followed by 23/30. I already knew I had problems with tone after not being able to identify intervals in my physics of acoustics class, thank god I'm pretty good at math.
  14. Might be a failsafe that you can't buy thousands of them at that price then sell to Warrior's guild at a profit.
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