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  1. That's exactly what i said. #-o -.-
  2. Are you kidding. #-o Use Fire bolt, and chaos gaunts, jeez. I guess you don't really think.
  3. Rocky crabs, fairly slowly, one at a time.
  4. Defense, get at least 60. Since summoning, at 99, would only level you 12 lvls, from what it appears, and since defense also levels you very slowly, it would be a nice combination. That's what i would think, you just stand there tanking their hits, while your 'summon' kills them.
  5. The portal is the holy barrier, in the temple where you gave drezel the essence.
  6. OMG! I agreed 100%! Every update, this game gets more, and more like another game, WOW, Diablo 2, Guild Wars, I'm tempted to go back to diablo 2. It's so far, one of the most expensive skills to level. I think it's like runecrafting, it's fairly slow, and is rather expensive.
  7. How to use the bestiary.
  8. Try here. Also, use the Bestiary
  9. Which bow is quicker? Magic short, or Crystal bow. I'm using seercull, and magic short, and i can't tell the difference in the speed of them.
  10. I would think it would be obvious... Range/mage.
  11. That's what i was thinking, but i didn't want to get 40 defense and realize that you do need it. Also, should i get 40 defense on my pure?
  12. Can you wear blessed d'hide body without having to do d slayer?
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