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  1. Seriously, I don't know if I'm just stupid or what, but I have been running around the pirate ship in the quest "Lunar Diplomacy" Looking for 'Beefy' Burns, the chef. HE IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! could someone please show me where he is? Like a screen shot, or log on and show me? PLEASE I'm getting really upset. >:|
  2. my combat stats are. 21atk 21str 30def. 40range 70magic. 43 prayer. summoning is going to be impossible.
  3. Probably going to be even croweded now.. but, thanks. ANYBODY KNOW ANY ELSE?!
  4. I've asked alot of people, about where I get Gold Charms. I know, they're a loot from monsters.. but, what I can't figure out is.. what monsters?!?! the only thing I've heard is fire giants. and those are NOT convenient.. at all. So, does anybody know what kind of monsters drop gold charms? Thanks.
  5. You have awhile to go ;) I was thinking of buying 150k raw salmon for 99 cooking.. but I'd rather have a life. ;p
  6. Kaguya


    I Am Legend the book, sucked anus. not going to lie.
  7. This night, I'll never forget. [hide=Rolling my [wagon] off] [/hide] I'm in the blue shirt.
  8. Nina, add me in game, Trashyyy naww, I just quit like all summerrrr :o!!!!!! <3
  9. HEY YOU, EchoFish. Didn't you know Nina? errr. Anime Girl51? or something along those lines... it's been ages...
  10. Taken straight from the Dev Diary #4. Speculation is EXACTLY what they want. :) Jagex reads Tip.it forums so they can get ideas to enhance summoning? :-#
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