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  1. Soulja boy and you cant say you can stand crank dat played over and over I think any band that gets too much airplay gets overrated Or any poppie-prep bands :shame: Ruining music just to get money Honestly how often can you turn on a mainstream radio station and their not playing some band thats going to be a 1 hit/cd band not very likely
  2. gratz on 99 hp f2p style \ T.F.S owns all :thumbsup:
  3. :) good luck on 99 cooking its a long road but youll get there
  4. Thanks hobo : Will have to check it out ick Edited blog with about me section EDIT:Selling 2k hard leather bodies for a low low price of 25gp ea Good for a collection
  5. cant wait for those 99s to come itll be an awsome acheivement which one do you think will be first?
  6. 9/10 nice cash pile and airs also very good organization
  7. If you view this blog please post a good luck to keep me going I know theres not much in here Ill get more stuff soon PLEASE POST!! This is my first big blog so im not to good at this I.Current Stats II.Current Goals III.Past Level Ups IV.Random Pictures V.Bank VI.About Me VII.Rl Pictures VIII.Thanks [hide=I.Current Stats] [/hide][hide=II.Current Goals] Current|Goal Overall|991|1000 Cooking|75|80 Fishing|69|70 RuneCraft|50|55 Crafting|60|70 Mining|67|70 Smithing|61|68 Woodcutting|77|80 Firemaking|82|85 [/hide][hide=III.Past Level Ups][hide=Mining] [/hide] [hide=Smithing] [/hide] [hide=Crafting] [/hide] [hide=Firemaking] [/hide] [hide=Woodcutting] [/hide] [hide=Cooking] [/hide] [hide=Fishing] [/hide] [hide=Combat(Strength,Attack,Defence)][/hide] [hide=Runecrafting] [/hide] [/hide][hide=IV.Random Pictures]10mil total exp glitch? [/hide][hide=V.Bank]I Know Im Poor [/hide][hide=VI.About me]This is a little insight to me irl and on rs Im 16 year old male I enjoy sports and gaming I own a ps2 its an ancient thick one -.- Im not really on rs that much maybe a couple times a week due to work My favorite skills are firemaking/cooking Ive been playing rs on a different account since 2002 quite after scythes Started Mines r us1 in may 07 been playing since then [/hide][hide=VII.Rl Pictures] [/hide][hide=VIII.Thanks] BIG THANKS to Scruffyo99 for getting me involved in TFS Thanks for clicking on my horrid blog :D I will update every chance I get :thumbsup: [/hide]
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